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Share Your Project
Share your projects/ideas/whatever crossess your mind!
Organizer Italian Embassy
Contact DECT 2255
DateTime Day 4 / Aug 13 @ 14:00
Duration 3 h
End 2011-08-13 14:00
Location Italian Embassy

Are you involved in a really cool project that everyone should know?
Do you have a really cool idea and need a hand to develop it?
Do you want to show to everyone your latest r0ket hacks?
Do you just want to spend some time in good company talking about whatever you want?

Just pass by the Italian Embassy and share your knowledge with other people.


For those who participated, in a couple of weeks from the end of the camp this page will be updated with all the projects and ideas that were discussed during the meetings. We'd really like to know from you if there are important updates and follow-ups of your|our ideas, so feel free to modify this page and correct or integrate it. We suggest you to watch this page so you are notified every time it changes.

Thank you all for participating, we are very satisfied with the outcomes of this social experiment, we discovered a lot of cool stuff and came up with new ideas, so it's a huge success for us. Feel free to export this kind of meeting wherever you will go, and share the knowledge!

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