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Running your own services to improve privacy
Organizer lorphos
Contact ccc11///at///
DateTime Day 2 / Aug 11 @ 16:00
Duration 2 hours
End 2011-08-11 18:00
Location Mojave

Bradley Manning: "I know that approximately 85-90% of global transmissions are sifted through by NSA" [1]

What happens to the troves of data collected by today's social network, cloud computing and other popular services? Nobody knows. Expect the worst. The idea of this workshop is to improve privacy by using open source, decentralized, encrypted, self hosted alternatives to closed, proprietary and centralized services. During the workshop we help each other getting our self-hosted services up and running.

NOTE: This is NOT a lecture. There will be no presentation, just a hands-on installfest!



Which IM are you using? Have you switched to Jabber? Great, but are you running your own server yet? This is especially important if you use gateways.

Are you on Twitter? Why not host your own StatusNet server instead?

Do you use Facebook or Google+? Do you feel uneasy because of the constant privacy problems? Have you tried Diaspora? Consider setting up your own server!

Do you run your own mail server? Why would you trust someone else with your email?

The list of services goes on and on:

  • DNS with options such as DNSCurve, DNS tunnels and dynamic DNS
  • WebID and OpenID
  • VoIP (Asterisk, ...)
  • blogs, Wikis (spam protection!), source code repositories
  • photo & video hosting
  • VPN, including variants like tor
  • storage (WebDAV etc)
  • webbased proxy on SSL enabled server to bypass local proxies

please add more services as you see fit.


You need a server, i.e. a computer that is reachable on the internet 24h a day. A virtual machine is a start (if you trust your ISP), a physical machine makes eavesdropping much harder. Don't forget to bring your charged laptop with SSH.

Basic knowledge of system administration is preconditioned.


See also: buddycloud workshop


If you want to participate, please add yourself to the list and include your interests

  • Lorphos: running my own Jabber, StatusNet & Diaspora
  • Johan: DNS, web (blog, photo and filestorage), email, VPN, webproxy ...
  • Ptrf: VPN/Darknet, DNS, e-mail, IRC
  • Bblfish: WebID
  • Schmofu: VPN, DNS, Jabber
  • Prefect: VPN, DNS, Mail
  • Mobbit: Jabber, DNS, Mail
  • Idle would like to develop something more secure than Jabber, StatusNet & Diaspora.. if you're interested, it's Secure Share.
  • Me: Jabber, Ostatus, P2P, DNS, VPN, Mail, WebID, ..., ...., ...
  • Jampo: VPN, DNS, Mail, WebDav
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