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EventPhone (bring your DECT phone)

The great thing about this community is that it is full of people that are very used to providing all sorts of services and facilities for others. And some are damn good at it too! So if you give a crowd of these people the idea that this is about making all of us maximally comfortable, weird things start to happen.

EventPhone started out as one of these strange things that just popped out of nowhere at CCC Camp 2003. By now they have become a part of the basic infrastructure of any large-scale European hacker event.

You can use the phone to make internal calls to any other extension for free or just listen to the lectures whereever you are. No more crazy double roaming charges just to find your friends, no more radio-discipline debates over a few crowded radio channels.

This is by no means a clunky hobby-thing: it's a professional system that boasts a huge internal call capability, and we'll be using it extensively ourselves as a replacement for the two-way radios everyone at events like this walks around with.

connectivity to the world

Your extension can be reached from the outside, the access code from Germany is +49 461 5056623xxxx, where xxxx is your internal phone number. From the SIP network you are reachable at xxxx@voip.eventphone.de.

You can make calls to the german landline phone network for free: to call a number in Berlin just dial 030-12345678.


If you are searching a name or extension number you can use our phonebook.

DECT - howto

Your first step to use the phone network is to register your internal phone number on the eventphone website.

Then you have to bring a compatible DECT cordless phone that conforms to the GAP standard. A (incomplete) phone compatibility list can be found in the EventPhone Wiki. If you want to buy a new phone the POC-Crew strongly suggests a Siemens Gigaset.

When you arrive at the campsite come to the POC (Phone Operations Center) and register your DECT phone to our system.

Now you can use your phone.

fixed phones

It is also possible to connect analog or ISDN phones in your tent or village to our PBX. You have just to register a phone number and to bring your phone. Please bring also a cable that is long enough to connect your phone to the next Datenklo ("Data Toilet"), the length of the cable will be a <100m. Give a short description of your location for a better planning of the cabling.


You are also able to use a VoIP / SIP phone, select those when you register your number. Remember, that you have to activate your SIP number at the POC-Tent. To get your SIP client working, please have a look at our wiki


Since HAR2009 there is also a GSM Network to be used by the participants which has an interconnection to the DECT network. The GSM network is done by different persons than the POC. We only do the reservation for the phone numbers. Please have a look at the project page for more information.

On the registration page at http://www.eventphone.de/guru2 you can add your mobile GSM/UMTS phone too.

- Choose an extension. You will receive a 'token' with your extension number.

- Start manual network search on you mobile. Select the network "262 42" or "D 42".

- Enter the token to your mobile phone and start dialing.

Your SIM card is now registered to our GSM network. You may change the extension number any time by entering a different token, or change the phone by entering the token there.

Special numbers

Number Function
7687 SOUP Delivery Service
6283 Mate-O-Meter
7666 Voicebarf (Next lectures)
8463 Time
8484 HackerHotline
8666 Special Services
8888 Mailbox
8124 music/lorem ipsum
8001 Shelter Kourou
8002 Shelter Baikonur
2088 labyrinth
8123 PoC menu

Dialing out

To place a call to the POTS you may dial, for german numbers:

0 <area prefix with leading zero><number>

For international dialing:

0 0 <country code> <number>

For example, 0 0 1 1800 234 5678 would dial a US toll-free number. For example

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