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Osmocom Highspeed Cable
Build your own highspeed cable for your Osmocom. The is made of an USB-Cable you bring and a small PCB (FT232RL). You also get a mini audio jack to connect the cable to the phone. We have material for 20 cables. The Cost is 10 Euro + 2,30 Euro Chaos Tax (donation to the CCC)
Organizer dexter / zero-kelvin@gmx.de
Contact email
DateTime Day 3 / Aug 12 @ 18:00
Duration 2:00h
End 2011-08-12 20:00
Location mojave



Keep youself informed, some important details might change!


As you might know USB cables for the Motorola C123 (and similar models) are available through various supplies on the internet. But these cable normally contain a Prolific chipset which is a lot slower than the FT232RL. That is the reason why we build our own cables. The FT232RL can archive much higher baudrates.


To build the cable you need an old USB-Cable because we are out of USB cables. The Type of the cables does not matter because the end is cut off and soldered directly to the PCB. If you have no USB cable here you can buy USB cables from the Badge guys (FPLEZ).

Solder skills

The FT232RL is already soldered on all boards. You only will have to solder 2 SMD capacitors so it is not necessary to be a solder expert but basic solder skills are required. If you have, bring a soldering iron since we have only one to share with you, it is also very helpful if you bring some hand-tools (pincer, knife ect).

Toolchain and Testing

We encourage you to bring your Osmocom Phone for testing with you. It is also very helpful to download the sources at http://bb.osmocom.org/trac/ and get the project compiling properly. If you fail compiling we can not help you but it it is not a problem because you can verify the functionality without osmocom-bb. But we can say that it is a great pleasure seeing the phone displaying "hello, world" for the first time. You might also want to install the tool gtkterm since we need it for testing the cables.


If you have questions before the workshop ask for Dexter (or for the guy with the pocsag transmitter) at the chaosdorf tent (big black tent near the entrance). Or simply send a mail to zero-kelvin@gmx.de

Kit contains

1x 2,5mm Audio Jack to connect to the phone
1x PCB with FT232RL already soldered
2x 1206 Capacitors (if you loose one, no problem, we have some more)
1x Shrinking tube to finish everything

Note: We also have some (non usb) cables and old USB sockets from scrapped usb-hubs. It is possible to turn this into a working USB-Cable but we recommend you to buy a cable from FPLEZ for 2 Euros since they are much more reliable.


Please list your name here. We have material for 20 cables. The total cost is 12,30Euro (includes 2,30Euro donation to the CCC, we make no profit!) Don't forget to bring an USB-Cable, we are out of cables (Cables are available at FPLEZ, for 2Euros), bring some tools to share!

  • N*****
  • W*****
  • jmho
  • oNNy
  • ms
  • stef
  • murb
  • dw
  • Phil
  • Emzy
  • dnet
  • Stefank
  • Morn
  • Ikarus
  • aes
  • cm
  • ot
  • chippy

Thank you

Thanks to all who attended the workshop! Thank you for making it a success. Thanks to all who helped each other.


Special thanks to hackable-devices.org, H****l, P***r for lending tools to us.

After the Workshop

If you have Questions or need some help with SMD rework you can meet us at the Chaosdorf Tent. It is the big black tent near the entrance.

Chaosdorf tent.jpg

If you are from Berlin you can also meet me at CCCB on Thursday (our open house day) When you are interested in getting the Layout sources feel free to email me.

Lost and Found

Someone lost his openMoko phone:


We have taken it to the infodesk.

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