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Build a USB powered camping light
This is part of the project to build open source small photovoltaic home systems. Lighting is one of the most important applications and we explore ways to build small LED powered indoor lights using beverage cans as the housing.
Organizer User:Moritzvb
DateTime Day 1 / Aug 10 @ 21:00
Duration 2:00
End 2011-08-10 23:00
Location Mojave

Assemble your own LED camping light which can be powered from an USB port. The light with the LED has a very nice, warm white color and is ideal for a tent. The system will be enhanced in the future with a microcontroller based charger, LiFePo4 battery, and home-built solar panel.

Build it on the first day so that you can use it to light your tent. Please bring a USB cable which will be cut and then used for powering the camping light (I ordered some but they didn't arrive in time). Also bring, if you like, your own beverage can (aluminum or metal, like a soft drink or beer can). Otherwise you have to drink and use what's available.

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