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Play Nomic, A game of Self-Amendment.
Organizer yet unsure
Contact DECT, email
DateTime Day 2 / Aug 11 @ 22:00
Duration 2:00 - 35183:00
End 2007-08-07 1:00
Location Entropolis

!!!Time rescheduled!!!

Nomic is game in which one move consists of changing a rule of the game. Unless, of course, the rule deciding what one move consists of, is changed. You get the idea.

Have a look at the wikipedia article first.

We will need a big table and a set of starting rules for bootstrapping the game. Also some blank cards and pens.

It is well possible that the game may continue during the whole Camp. Or even until the next Camp.

There is still the problem of language: Since rules are written down as well as discussed in a human language, non-native speakers might have difficulties. If we are enough participants, we might split (german/english for example).

Protocols (german) [1] [2]

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