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Mentoring Workshop.
young hackers looking for a mentor, experienced hackers looking for someone to pass their wisdom on => NEW DATE!
Organizer User:vanHauser
Contact ask vanHauser
DateTime Day 4 / Aug 13 @ 12:00
Duration 1h
End 2011-08-13 12:00
Location Mojave



thank you guys, it was great to do the workshop with you. Here are the slides in case you want to do the workshop in your home town or some other conference: I added it to contain all necessary information

Have fun!

Greets, Marc / van Hauser


Over the last decade, the hacker scene grew exponentially. In old times, you could learn everything, today you have to be a specialist in one field find something new. Additionally, the scene became highly fragmented. Old hackers don't the newcomers and the other way around.

This workshop tries to connect the old hackers with their wisdom with the young aspiring hackers.

The whole process will be guided, so no experience in mentoring, coaching etc. is necessary.

All you need to do is:

- come on time
- think about what you could teach somebody that you are
  good at and have experience (to be a mentor)
- think about what really interests you and where you
  need help (to be a mentee)

The topic of the mentorship can be as broad as "I want to be a hacker" and specific as to "I want to learn how to build a 3d printer on my own and understand how it works".


What is still needed

  • approx. 1-5 angels
  • pencils, A6 paper, pegs


If you plan to come please drop your name.

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