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Introduction to Machine Learning in Python with scikit-learn
General introduction to machine learning using the Scientific Python stack.
Organizer User:Ogrisel
Contact Olivier Grisel
DateTime Day 2 / Aug 11 @ 14:00
Duration 2-3h
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Location DataVillage

This is a tutorial I gave at PyCon earlier this year. It is an introduction to the general concepts of machine learning and gives the opportunity to apply them to problems such as text classification, clustering or face recognition.

Please bring your laptop with Python, Numpy, Scipy, gcc and git installed. You can even try to clone the master of scikit-learn from github following the setup instructions.

Prior knowledge of numpy is recommended. Prior experience with Python is a prerequisite.

In case of problem please send me an email at <>.

WARNING: the location of the DataVillage printed CCCamp map is a bit misleading: use the location map on the wiki which is much more precise: DataVillage

NOTE: if you have access to a video projector that is strong enough to work under daylight inside the CCCamp white tents, then please bring it along! (and edit this wikipage to say so)


If you plan to come please drop your name by editing this page:

There are 10 seats in the DataVillage tent by we can probably fit a bit more if you bring your own chair.

Note: If this session gets over-crowed, another session of this workshop will be hosted on the 12th. Register here instead: Machine Learning Workshop Round2

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