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Infodesk is your helper for all kind of questions
Coordinator downhill
Contact downhill



DECT: 1111

The Infodesk helps all people with questions about the camp, what is where, and so on. (For network questions see the NOC-Helpdesk). Located centrally in the Hackcenter along with the NOC-Helpdesk, we will be easy to find and questioned.


Of course we need Volunteers for the smooth running of everything, so if you want a nice place to sit and occasionally answer questions, feel free to do some infodesk shifts. There are no real mandatory qualifications, but a working knowledge of German and/or English would be real good (other languages even better) and of course you should be able to calmly answer even insane questions. Knowing everything is not required, that's what websites are for ;)

Info to go

We have camp flyers including site map, village list and Fahrplan. Come and ask for your copy!

Lost & Found

If you've already returned home and need to get something of the things we found, please contact


Just come over and get your stuff back at the info desk.


  1. Rucksack Rain Cover
  2. 3er Steckdose with name "Jok?"
  3. DECT-Phone
  4. Brillenetui mit Brille
  5. PS2-to-USB-Adapter (grün)
  6. greyish brown Stetson with a red band in size M
  7. small usb Stick, silver, printed on it.
  8. sunglasses (found at Hack Square)
  9. Black USB Stick
  10. Rocket, ~20cm long --> advertisement stuff
  11. foebud pullover
  12. camera tripod
  13. NIKON camera covering and HOYA 52mm lens
  14. black Nokia cellphone (+49-176-3596xxxx)
  15. engel-badge
  16. Vodafone SIM-card
  17. black umbrella
  18. LED flashlight, found at the infodesk
  19. Geigercounter
  20. black umbrella
  21. brown-grey basecap
  22. book "initiation"
  23. children's shoes (girl?)
  24. Fluke Volt Light with bracket
  25. wallet with picture
  26. olive-green basecap of Tchibo - "Urban Active" named on it
  27. Fahrzeugschein/Car registration certificate Part 1
  28. blue baseballcap
  29. Fork
  30. Siemens DECT phone (registered to citadel 2237)
  31. micro USB cable
  32. Sun Glasses Dolce & Gabbana, big, found in the bar
  33. Apple Power Plug
  34. cellphone sony ericsson
  35. Teddybear
  36. navy blue laptop bag found in the Kourou lecture room

Lost: Please provide a detailed description and contact information (Mail, DECT or Cellphone). The Infodesk will contact you if something matches your description.

  1. Wallet with swedish id: Marcus Olsson (nick: techstil)
  2. SonyEricsson Z600 (mobile phone)
  3. phone charger (LUNA 6800)
  4. DECT Phone, registered to wollviech
  5. brown leather purse, squared (call Heijo W.)
  6. light blue key chain with keys
  7. grey/orange head lamp (call 5264)
  8. Eintrittsarmbändchen
  9. Sun glasses black (prestige) (Call 5338)
  10. Sun glasses von Zipper -> mail:
  11. Handy Nokia schwarz (älteres Modell) DECT 95384
  12. glasses (nick: Kumma)
  13. baseballcap "tribal gear" (DECT 2187)
  14. Lens Cover "Sigma"
  15. Lumix TZ8 camera, black (French Embassy)
  16. green rain coat - kids size
  17. black 70mm sigma lens cap lost 11.08. (pls call 2352 or write @
  18. black foebud hoodie and blue camp hoodie :( (call 2323)
  19. dark blue wool cap
  20. black OpenMoko Phone Neo Freerunner
  21. 27c3 XXL zipper hoodie + Led Lenser flashlight (mail ccc(at)asbjorn(dot)it)
  22. Bicycle from the VOC (Bulls Lakota grauer Rahmen Blaue Schrift [1] call 7383)
  23. car keys (FIAT), 3 buttons, when pressing the logo, the key opens (Rabbit@Net at the entropia village)
  24. r0cket with name 'chaosye' (vcard name tobsen, DECT 2379)
  25. Sony Snapshot camera in a black Tatonka pouch ( pod(at)xlterrestrials(dot)org )
  26. electric shaver (Braun) in a blue pouch
  27. Siemens A31, with SIM (921xx), harzi (bei) harzilein (punkt) eu (punkt) org, Harzilein_Camp on ircnet/freenode)
  28. green belt pouch User:Marenz
  29. camera panasonic lumix compact with zoom black (GSM 93039)
  30. glasses with a metal bar
  31. Blackish Nokia 2860 (mail ccc(at)asbjorn(dot)it)
  32. Spoon
  33. Sunglasses with black frame (call 4951)
  34. car key and bike key (call 5264)
  35. grey sport shoe for men (call 94000)
  36. Red Power Cord (ca. 10 m) with a black male plug and a red female plug. Lost by: User:Authmillenon
  37. blue raincoat with Discordian logo on the back, as sold by the FoeBud (please contact me via the engelsystem) --Pivot 19:11, 16 August 2011 (CEST)
  38. olive green/brownish pair of trekking boots with black rubber role, NZ brand, see photo, please return to: lev
  39. olive BW belt pouch with a book and a black "Steelworks" Sigg bottle in it. Please contact Nobody96
  40. sony ericsson W595 lost by: exi write to e-camp(at)wthack(dot)de
  41. Garmin Forerunner pulse sensor band, probably lost on day 6 in the shower container, alech
  42. Schlüsselbund hat einen metall-karabinerhaken, dann daran am Ring: schwarzer radschlüssel, Blauschwarzer Chip-Stift, Messingschlüssel, Haustürschlüssel und zwei flache RFID-Chips der Uni dran, ggf. noch weiteres Zeugs. tverrbjelke


Just write down your village and your nick and hopefully someone will contact you.


  1. A "last demand for payment" ("letzte Zahlungsaufforderung") due August 18th from a lawyer's office on behalf of Sony Entertainment adressed to one Mathias Rüdiger. Can be collected at Darksystem Village. (Bring a valid ID to prove you are the poor bastard.)
  2. Germanflag(wurttenberger) (found on Moose flag pole)
  3. A pack of strange smelling herbs. Also includes a chunk of clay or something, but i can't identify it.
  4. Siemens AS28H DECT phone registred to "re**ex" number 32NN. Contact Jeky@ Italian Embassy


  1. DDR-Tent, Yesterday night my tent has gone missing 8most likely blown away.) If you find it please tell leviathan in Area42 ^_^ (DoSed by Silicium :-D)
  2. Headlamp with grey strap (duracell - 3872)
  3. Union Flag (removed from Mooseflag pole in the night, this will be reported as a hate crime and the water cannon deployment will continue.) Discovered by london-hack-center liquid finders fee paid!
  4. HP power adaptor (special plug) juliane from hackerspace brussels (


We make badges for angels only. You only get an angel badge if you worked at least 4 hours as an Angel!

r0ket charging pad

We have a special r0ket charging pad for all those who left their micro USB cable at home.

Camp Pictures

We search the web for pictures of the chaos camp and upload them to ;)


  1. Would like to swap my R0ket into some "cool" tabac, Bigbully 16:06, 13 August 2011 (CEST)
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