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Linked Data - Evolving a Global Dataspace
Linked Data technologies provide for setting links between records in distinct databases and thus to connect these databases into a global data space. Over the last years, Linked Data technologies have been adopted by an increasing number of data providers, including the US and UK governments as well as major players in the media and pharmaceutical industry, leading to the creation of a global Web of Data.

Experience the Linked Data life cycle yourself and learn how to publish and consume Linked Data!

Organizer User:Anjeve, User:Hannes
DateTime Day 3 / Aug 12 @ 12:08
Duration 3 hours
End 2011-08-12 15:08
Location Mojave

We are creating a new and unique contribution to the global dataspace, and you can all participate! So bring your Laptop (and a LAN cable) with GIT and some PHP interpreter installed, and you are ready to go.



If you plan to come please drop your name or handle (just add * ~~~ at the end) ...





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