Language Theoretic Security Cabal

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Language-Theoretic Security Cabal meeting
Type theorists, theorem-proving geeks, computability theorists, functional programmers and formal language theorists join forces to unfuck the internets.
Organizer User:Maradydd
Contact User:Maradydd, clonearmy at gmail dot com
DateTime Day 5 / Aug 14 @ 15:00
Duration 2:00
End 2011-08-14 17:00
Location Telecomix

Network protocols, file formats, message formats, character encodings, scripting languages -- they're all just formal languages and we know it. Type theory can preserve the code/data distinction across the I/O boundary. Our RFC-writing forefathers knew the value of a well-specified state machine and so do we. We've been talking for a year or so about getting our shit together and turning theory into practice. It starts today. The groundwork has been laid for reifying the last twenty years of exploit generation into a unified offensive/defensive development methodology. Let's get building.


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