Knitting Messages

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Knitting Messages
Yarn Graffiti, Guerilla Knitting, Yarn Bombing are expressions of Outdoor-Knit Artists. Merging knitted codes into messages will lead to a common subversive knitting project.
People Debra, Medusa



See some knithacking results " Chaos Communication Camp 2011 "

Time and place

Day-5; Last meeting Hackers gonna hack, KNITTERS gonna KNITHACK

  • Meet us today 10.00 AM at the big tent of OpenLeaks

!!!LOOK at our artwork at the rocket!!!

  ...we will continue our mission...

don't miss to look at the Lenin bust on Saturday evening

Required skills and material

  • Skills: knit and purl stitches, cast-on, cast-off, (knitting with two colors at a time)
  • Material to bring with: Knitting needles 4 - 5mm. Various yarns in bright contrasting colors matching to needles. Acrylic and superwash yarns will be fine for outdoor projects. Crochet hook matching to yarn, tapestry needle, scissors or pocket knife with scissors.
  • Language: Workshop can be held in English or German, French spoken.

Inspiring links relating to Guerilla-Knitting and Yarnbombing (German)

Hyperbolic crochet
Ted Talk
The crochet reef

Ravelry member?

Meet me at


  • Q: will you make yarn and needles available?
  • A: We will come by DB with our tent, sleeping bags, matresses, etc. Unfortunately my cargo capacity won't be sufficient to carry a load of yarn, but I will stuff every free corner with material. Hopefully my companion won't realise.
  • A (2): I will bring plenty of wool also for others to be used, plus some knitting needles (which I like to get back :-)) I will have wool supplies in the OpenLeaks tent. Any unused wool should get back there to be available for others who come without supply. Bring whatever you have, even very small quantities of wool (nice colours) can be very useful. (@anked)
  • A (3): A helpful person will transport for me a suitcase filled with material (wool, needles, graph paper for designing). With Ankes stuff we will be primed for any ventures. (@Medusa)
  • Q: Does everybody work on an own project or will there be a plan for a collective artefact?
  • A: We will discuss this at our first meeting. We're open for suggestions you have in mind and we have some options to propose.
  • Q: Can we bring other knitting with us to the meeting?
  • A: Sure. You may bring anything with you to the group meeting. If the principal theme of knitting messages doesn't suit your mood you're free to knit or crochet other things. No problem to launch other crafting groups with other topics. For example, there is likely to be group knitting for one (or more) of the airplanes, there will be knitting/crocheting at the OpenLeaks tent too and there will be a crocheting workshop to create a little Datamonster (Datenkrake) out of an USB stick at 12th October, 12:00 am, OpenLeaks tent.
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