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Interactive video installation based around puredata and Kinect
Contact buZz
People BuZz, Dreamer, Zmatt
Village iBeamer_village, H_x^2, Dyne
iBeamer philosophical metafor


We are playing with puredata in combination with the kinect camera through OSCeleton -> currently refactoring to our own pd-openni-object.

The current working setup is a 'prince of persia' style dungeon on which you can stand and look around. We are currently working to add DMX lamps and surround sound to get a higher level of immersion.



Check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4w2cECWhOE


More user-videos expected soon!

A snapshot of the installations code is available here: http://etc.servehttp.com/ibeamer-end-of-ccc.tgz

Open 'dungeon.pd' in pd-extended and click the create message on the bottom left.

We will push the cleaned-up code into github asap, but this at least makes it available to play with for moar people.

media coverage

The Earth
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