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Home Automation
This workshop shall be a open discussion of ppl which have done or plane to automate their home, using either commercial or community developed components.
  • KNX
  • freebus.org
  • ...whatever participants want to discuss

in case of interested, put your name here

Organizer gramels
Contact DECT 6006
DateTime Day 3 / Aug 12 @ 16:00
Duration 2 hours
End 2011-08-12 18:00
Location GramelsVillage



bring your own chair! (in case you want to sit down)

GramelsVillage (in FamilyVillage) look for the Camper with the red tube light


  • gramels
    • I have some KNX components I am going to put together on a test board to do some blinken lights around GramelsVillage
  • Poincare: I am running most of my house on one-wire sensors (DS1820, temperature) and my own I2C modules that fits in a standard electricity box with din rails, see the I2C modules on http://elektro.ampersant.be/index.php?ln=en&page=projects_list , will try to add some pictures and bring some modules with me)
  • Gonium: I will host a Fieldtest of my HexaBus system, an IPv6 wireless bus system based on Atmel microcontrollers. This is a continuous event, just visit the C3MA village. For more information on HexaBus, see the HexaBus wiki and the fieldtest info page.
  • Johan
    • I am currently building a new house, but I have a test setup running where I'm currently living. It is based on 1-wire and a lot of DIY things on DIN-rails. You can find more information on www.splok.org, but it's a little bit out of date...
  • MrSputnik
    • I am running ipsymcon, a commercial software, at home. It supports a lot of hardware out of the box and is PHP script-able. I will try to join @ 16h. You can find me on freenode #camp.
  • adlerweb
    • I am using some selfmade-sensor-nodes (using DS1820, SHT11, etc) together with AVR-controllers and relay-boards controlled by a central PC for some time. ATM i'm trying to switch to iSysBus which is a decentralized, CAN Based System.
  • ulrich
    • Lightcontroll and Mainpowerswitchcontroll

with FSA12-12 V DC; enOcean Protocol; arduino ... http://shackspace.de/wiki/doku.php?id=doku:strom:lichtverteiler Ulrich




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