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Hackers gonna Hack
Feature film about hacktivism, hackerspaces, making and the poeple behind this movement.
Contact User:h0uz3
Village Stuttgart_42

This is is going to be a feature film about hacktivism, making, hackerspaces and the people making all this possible. It's a zero-budget, zero-planning and zero-concept project which allows for quite every crazy kind of content you might imagine. It's relying on your participation: You can come in front of the camera and tell about your project, ideas or views, lend me your voice explaining $things or just drop in some info in form of a text or something. You can remain completely anonymous or be seen as much or as little as you like and you will be captioned however you prefer (Anonymous, Nickname, Realname). During my past projects i came to the conclusion that this kind of self-adjustable privacy level works great on a movie project.

I will always ask before I start filming. So if you see me running around with a cam, don't be afraid. If a shot accidentially includes people who didn't give permission to be in it, they will be edited out completely or, if that's not possible, the entire shot will be deleted.

You might already know my projects Projectmovie 2009 and Projectmovie 2010 covering the 26C3 and 27C3 in Berlin.

Hackers gonna Hack will have a similiar goal as those projects: Making it possible to see f*cking awesome projects and hear from unbelievable cool, nice and enthusiastic people you just couldn't visit during the event. The difference here is that it will cover different venues and locations as well as projects which never really go out to such events.

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