Hack your beamer/projector into 3D! with polarizer

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Hao Zhang
You'll learn how to turn 2 normal projectors in to a 3D one, really easy and really fast. Bring some paper to make your own 3D glasses) . This is exactly the same technology that a lot cinema use when playing 3D movies. Come and check it out!
Organizer User:Azureviolin
Contact 99009 for Chaos phone, zhanghaotz@gmail.com
DateTime Day 2 / Aug 11 @ 13:00
Duration 0:30
End 2011-08-11 13:00
Location H x^2

Hack your beamers into 3D (with polarizer, not the colored glass), so you can enjoy 3D at home or even in office. Thanks to Awesome Retro people for providing their beamers/ projectors.

I'll also hold a talk right after this workshop, about Maker Carnival China 2012. If you want to hack in Beijing, China, you should come here and check it out.

Hacking all the way to China: Maker Carnival China 2012

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