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GlobaLeaks is an open source project aimed to support the diffusion of anonymous, censorship-resistant, locally distributed WhistleBlowing Sites supporting whistleblowers all around the world.

GlobaLeaks is a Leak Amplification Platform to allow the Leaks to get delivered to the right public media, mainly for what’s related to a city, region, country or even corporation level.

People Calamarim, Evilaliv3, Hellais, Jaromil, Naif, Vecna
Village Italian_Embassy

What's GlobaLeaks

It’s a political tool to enforce transparency in democracy at different levels trough whistleblowing.

Looking for volounter

We are looking for:

  • a) Coding the software, based on twisted+Neovow athena+Py2Exe/Py2App
  • b) Design and Graphics of the Web Application and Web Site
  • c) Advocacy of the projects, finding associations and organizations interested in setting up their own GlobaLeaks site.

During the CCC CAMP 2011 we would like to meet people interested in making WhistleBlowing becoming a true transparent society practice.

The project also support diffusion and improvements, to create resistant anonymous publishing layer to let TOR hidden services get internet exposed.


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