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You probably know how to navigate your way around the world so we provide only basic information here. If you want to find people to travel together with have a look at the Travel Communities.

Where To Go

The Chaos Communication Camp 2011 takes places about 40km north-east of Berlin at the

Luftfahrtmuseum Finowfurt
Museumstr. 1
16244 Schorfheide

52° 50' 1" N, 13° 40' 35" E
(OSM, Google Maps)

More information about the location here.

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By Airplane

to Berlin

The are are two international airports that are about 2h away from the Chaos Communication Camp.

Tegel (TXL)
train station "Flughafen Tegel (Berlin)"
Schönefeld (SXF)
bus stop "Flughafen Schoenefeld Terminal".

From the respective airport you need to take the train/bus to the City, then a train to "Eberswalde" and finally cover the last 10km by taxi or bus. Both airports are equally well connected to the Berlin public transport network. Follow the instructions at #By Public Transport to find the best connection to the camp ground for you.

Quick and dirty details from TXL: At Airport Tegel go to the BVG teller and get a 25-35 km ticket, not Berlin ABC. Go out and get the Bus "TXL", ride till "Berlin Hauptbahnhof" (Central/Main Station). Go inside and find track 5, it's downstairs. Take the Train that goes to "Eberswalde Hbf". There find the "busbahnhof", take the Bus "910" on weekdays or "917" on weekends. Get out at the museum and walk the last 2 km / 1.2 mi . Also do not rely on this quick and dirty information, inform yourself on more trustworthy pages like . Also, read below on public transportation.

to Finow Airfield

ATTENTION: There's a NOTAM (E1329/2011) regarding the threshold of RWY 10 being deplaced 1040m inward. Also, taxiways A, B, C and E are temporarily closed. Right now, the NOTAM is valid until 31-JUN-2011 23:59. This means that if a followup NOTAM is issued, extending the validity period, you may have to request ground shuttle service from Apron 1 or Apron 2 to the museum gate.

Finow Airfield (ICAO: EDAV) is a regular airfield with OPR hours from 0800 to SS+30. Runway 10/28 is 2520m x 50m concrete, certified for aircraft up to 14 tons MTOM (heavier aircraft PPR). Further information for pilots can be found here

On approach, take extra care to avoid overflight of the villages of Finowfurt, Finow, and the town of Eberswalde.

The Luftfahrtmuseum is located north of the threshold of RWY 10 between taxiways A and B. Request parking on Apron 3 after landing, and ask airfield staff to open the gate to the Luftfahrtmuseum for you.

If you need hangar space near Apron 2, contact jeedi for details.

By Car

Directions for Cars

Drive in direction Berlin until you reach the autobahn A10 "Berliner Ring" - the autobahn ring around the city. Stay on the A10 until you reach the exit "Dreieck Schwanebeck" at the north-east of the autobahn ring. There follow the signs to "Stettin/Szczecin/Prenzlau/Bernau-Süd" and enter the autobahn A11. Follow the A11 for 30km then take the exit “12-Finowfurt”, turn right to Eberswalde and turn right once more at Hauptstrasse. Follow the signs pointing to “Luftfahrtmuseum” from here.

See also : Ride Sharing


There will be a parking lot right beside the camp, there will be no parking on the campsite itself.

By Public Transport

To find and book a train connection from almost everywhere to the Camp you can use the DB website. Your destination is "Finowfurt, Post".


There is a special offer for train tickets to the Camp by Deutsche Bahn: 99/119/159/179€ round-trip from every German train station. Please check out Cheaptrain for further information.

If you buy your ticket in Berlin you need a ticket called "Einzelfahrausweis, Regionaltarif über 25 bis 35 km" (single ride ticket for distances between 25 and 35 km) (not Berlin ABC!). It is available at the ticket machines, the BVG- and S-Bahn shops and in buses and costs 5.20 € per person, one way.


At some point you should arrive at "Eberswalde Hauptbahnhof" (Eberswalde central station) which is about 10km away from the Camp. From Eberswalde Hbf you have three options:

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Either take a cab (taxi)

Cab-Call in Eberswalde is +49 3334 23452, but cabs are usually found directly at the train station. A cab ride from the train station to the "Luftfahrtmuseum Finowfurt" costs around 15-20 €. You can ask for a "Großraum-Taxi" (big cab) which shuttles up to 7 persons for the same price.

  • Eberswalder Taxiverein e.V., Eisenbahnstr. 41, 16225 Eberswalde, +49-3334-23452
  • Taxi-Betrieb Istvàn Barna, Ringstraße 62, 16227 Eberswalde, +49-3334-352014, +49-172-3144768
  • Frank Krüger Taxi, Schöpfurter Ring 131, 16244 Finowfurt, +49-3335-325191
  • Manfred Sarink Taxiunternehmen, Triftstr. 66A, 16244 Finowfurt, +49-3335-326500

or take the bus to "Finowfurt, Post" and walk the last 2km

Walk from the train station to the "Busbahnhof". Your destination is "Finowfurt, Post" and the ride takes about 20 minutes, the fare for a single ticket Eberswalde->Finowfurt is EUR 1.40 . More information is available from the Barnimer Busgesellschaft (german).

  • From there, walk the last 2km following the signs to the "Luftfahrtmuseum Finowfurt".

or walk / bike the last 10km

Eberswalde Hauptbahnhof and the Campsite are almost directly connected by the Oder-Havel Radweg which follows the towpath of the Finowkanal. It is marked with signs with a blue sailboat on them.

Guidepost on the Oder-Havel Radweg.
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By Bike


west of Camp: Berlin - Usedom

a bit more west: Berlin - Kopenhagen

as already mentioned: Oder - Havel

The best way is to use the Berlin - Usedom Cyclepath from Berlin, until it is crossed respectively merged by/with the Oder - Havel Cyclepath (the crossing/merge is west of Finowfurt) and then follow the Oder - Havel Cyclepath eastward

There are tracks on GPSies and OSM/OCM available.

QR Gpsies.png GPSies

OSM can also be helpful.

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