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Friend of a Friend
Participate in the distributed social web - build your own FOAF file, and link it together with your friends. Then tie it into OpenId & WebID.
Organizer Bblfish
DateTime Day 4 / Aug 13 @ 15:00
Duration 02:00
End 2011-08-13 17:00
Location Mojave

Let's publish our foaf file and participate in the Social Web: the Web Architecture Compliant secure distributed Social Network . We will do the following:

  • Each participant will write his own foaf file (it's easy)
  • Publish that foaf file to a server (your own FreedomBox is best, but any server running apache will do :-)
  • we will link each of our foaf files together
  • tie that into OpenID thereby enhancing OpenId with Web of Trust information
  • add a public key and login to sites that are WebID enabled

Come with your computer and the following software

  • a text editor like vi or emacs
  • a file browser ( unix 'ls' is perfect )
  • a shell (bash, sh, tcsh, ms-dos,...)
  • have Python installed
  • cwm the python command line semantic web swiss army knife
  • Java may be useful too to run the WebID Tool
  • ssh or telnet client installed


  • know how to type
  • basic command line knowledge
  • use the editors chosen above

( For some background see the 10 minute WebID video)

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