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Please make servers only accessible from the camp site ( we have not that much bandwidth like at the congress


Search Engines for Servers

FFSEARCH is available: "ffsearch (", although it seems to be FUCKING B0RKED for people who don't understand wildcards/substring/regex

Share Search with download helper is available: "YaCy Interactive ("

Find media files by metadata: MediaCrawler (Help us to improve this nice project!)


server lists from crawlers:

file lists produced from search results:

..then push the 'create a download script' button


It would be nice to see more v6 here.

Server Size Notes/Content Contact 9TB Content: everything. Please upload camp videos and photos to /pub/incoming/Camp2011/$contenttype! 12TB, 1GBIT Is *hungry* for data. Has Music, Audiobooks 6TB movies, music, up and download anything HAL9000 2TB anything 1.5TB music, topgear, anything... tracker moved to chaosbay, pls reload the torrents to complete 5TB RAIDZ mirrored half the camp ;) - 1GBIT 3TB share share share :) 1Gbit 9TB RAID5 share anything you want (2 GBit; camp network only)
2.7T music, ebooks, os's, pr0n GSM: 93272
3.5T series, movies, games GSM: 93272 lots of TV shows 5TB now with 1Gb/s uplink, HD content preferred 2.3T / gblan HD movies, music, please fill up ;) -- due to massive downloads from outside the camp network accessible only via the camp network or gopher:// 5TB uploads in incoming/ (FTP) DECT : 4009 or (dl only) 4TB RAID 5 + 2TB Files 2TB series in HD avaliable. NOW WITH GBIT :) FILL ME!!! DECT: 3458 ftp://[2001:67c:20a1:1088:e8ee:c939:8d33:4388] 500g Deutsches Zeug, suche Hörbücher See contact.txt or 1TB (usb) german HD stuff DECT: 2269 3Tb 1.7Tb Serien - viel Spaß beim Upload :) DECT: 2111 120GB mp3s: punk, pop, diverses, 7xxGB diverses, viele hörspiele, mostly in german 12TB/1g Is *hungry* for data. Has Music, Audiobooks 2TB DrWho pr0n 724GB readonly OFFLINE - some parts will be mirrored to for interrupted downloads, notify fooccc in #camp @ only CCCamp 534GB readonly (NEW)Kindefilme (Thomas, Bob, Chuggington) Mixed Xvids, unsorted Stuff, Stargate, Startrek
9TB/2GBIT HD Movies, Porn Siterips and German Music Charts 2TB Movies, Cartoons, Docus (700GB filled) 1TB 500G(usb) Whatever! 4 TB eSATA, 2 TB USB Movies (HD, SD), Pron, Music, Photo around 20TB Nun Pron
Unreachable by crawler, please check your network config! around 13TB Pure Pron sadly: 15 users max, pls increase! 4,5TB (6x1TB Raid5) some HD movies, some music (1GBit) around 1,6TB demos, music, ebook, movie, pr0n (100MBit) --- feel free to upload more --- only from camp network 3TB movies (100MBit) --- feel free to upload cool stuff --- camp network only 5TB movies/series, no upload --- camp network only 3TB anime series/movies 500GB FTP Italian Embassy 187MB Fly over the CCCamp 2011 (avi) 250MB Fly over the CCCamp 2011 (flv) (torrent is faster) 702 MB Fly over the CCCamp 2011 (mp4) 2GB Fly over the CCCamp 2011 (mov)

(put your server in here)


@HQ(it will be a tracker) there is no need for deciding before what tracker url etc. you wanna use. The tracker will change it for you!


  • HQ Tracker up and running (little bit slow, rtorrent is hashing the torrents on the same maschine. Url: announceUrl: you can edit your host file for the actual ip:
    • NEWS
      • up & running, few torrents just aren't working, server will be until sunday
      • few power problems in our village :(
    • Features
      • Mass upload feature
      • pre hashed stuff
      • open tracker feature
Chaosbay peer stats on HAR2009


mktorrent and ctorrent are the only tools you can use to generate many torrent files in a easy way

  • mktorrent mktorrent is a linux tool which generates torrent files and can do it multicored. With cygwin you can compile it on windows(install make, gcc etc.).
  • uTorrent

Use 512KB for Piece lenght. with mktorrent -l 19

The Earth