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{{Workshop |Name=After talk "Cyberpeace & Datalove", let's prolong conversation |Organizer=La Quadrature du Net & friends - |Contact=Benjamin, DECT 6128 |Location=La Quadrature du Camp |DateTime=2011/08/10 23:30 |Duration=X:00 |Description=After jz's talk ["Cyberpeace & Datalove (How to counter the memes of control?)", let's prolong the conversation on La Quadrature du Camp, the village of La Quadrature du Net, gathering friends such as from EFF, Open Knowledge Foundation, etc.

Let's enjoy beer/mate/etc. and cool music to discuss the future of our freedoms on the Internet, threats to its architecture, and related projects.

Bring: disco-ball, nice beverages made with love, motivated citizens }} <3

The Earth
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