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Everyone loves them - Buckballs (see: here). Nice thingies, but you can also order them a lot cheaper in China.

So lets do this for the camp.

Hard facts

 * 10 Euro per package
 * 216 balls per package
 * ca. 3 mm in diameter (please note, that other, previous orders, were 5mm!)
 * Color: silver/gray  - but not the real shiny ones..

Please note: we just got about 100 packages - so don't wait too long if you want some!

Terms of payment

 * Bring cash.
 * Come see User:Martin and try to convince him, if you want to pay differntly

What do I get for my 10 Euro?

 * the magnets
 * shipping from china
 * customs
 * importation taxes

Everything that won't get consumed by the stuff mentioned above will be used for the "Mehr Quadratmeter Wagen"-project of CCC Munich.

How do I get 'em?

Ask around for Martin at the fpletzvillage. I'll propably be there or somewhere around the infodesk. Or give me a call on the DECT-network: just dial NERD (6373).

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