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Attention Bounty Hunters

The Intergalatic Empire is detecting an usually large congregation of ruffians, smugglers, and neer-do-wells in the area, and is providing a bounty on the most nefarious of these lawbreakers.

Register with your local recruitment officer between 14:00-15:00 at the big rocket, or eth0 tent if it is raining

The officer will equip your r0ket with radar capabilities and a TIE approved bounty hunter ID

At 15:30 the list of targets for each hunter ID will be posted here

You may assassinate by poisoning drinks, garrote, or any close-range means listed here

Once your target is assassinated you may acquire their target

At 12:00 Sunday we will post the most successful bounty hunter(s)

If you have to retire you MUST add your name to the retired list below so other hunters may check for their next target or YOU WILL BREAK THE GAME for everyone else

You MUST keep your badge charged/on at all time.

You MUST NOT hide your badge or shield it in any way.

Please don't try to bend the rules. ;-)


  • Target List is available. (see below)
  • Game officially starts at 16:30. You are required to turn on your badge at that point and keep it running until the game ends, or you are eliminated.
  • The last surviving player at noon tomorrow, at the rocket, wins. Eliminated players are encouraged to attend and give feedback. ;-)

Bounty List

Hunter ID Prey Nickname
apiipeec mintar
ophaejoh felix
A1Nk6xJA Jarres LQDN
oophahki farnymous
ohyaejei halfr
oopoihoe Climber
aechaibu benediktfrenzel
naedahso PHPat
mdUrD4vm rtwo
desetuxi xocorret
kojaiyot Ush_G
wieyeoni Onedutch
uquushie benthor
iecienae h4rp3r
ahfeekus Drake
oowaipha jedahan
PHdULiZQ fabe


Hunter ID Hunter Nickname
oowhipha fabe
ophaejoh Drake
iecienae Onedutch
ahfeekus jedahan
wieyeoni felix
aechaibu PHPat
oopoihoe benediktfrenzel
oophahki halfr
mdUrD4vm mintar

More Information

W T F?

This is a game of Assassin for the CCC 2011 developed by the TIE Officers. In assassin there is a circle of targets you must 'kill' through creative means, acquiring their target to make the circle smaller. If you have to assassinate yourself, you win!

We extended this by adding radar to the r0ket badges which will show the nicknames of any participants in a ~5m radius (appears to depend on your battery charge).

TIE Officers

fabe, jedahan (DEC 99101), rtwo

IRC Channel

 #badgeassassin on

Thanks for the super cool badges!

The Earth
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