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The Camp takes place at Paulshof, a small district of the city of Altlandsberg near Berlin. Find the location at this online map.

To get to the LandingGround by car, find your way to Autobahn A10. Get off at drive 3 (Berlin-Marzahn) and proceed towards Altlandsberg. Just before entering Altlandsberg a road goes off to the left. Signs should show you the way to the Camp from here.

You might want to get a copy of the detailed Camp Travel Guide (PDF).

Camp Travel Map


There will be a Shuttle Bus offering a ride to the Camp at no charge. The Bus starts at S-Bahnhof Fredersdorf and drives directly to the Camp and back. The Shuttle Bus will run from August 5th to August 10th starting each day at 10h00 (10am) and running 'frequently' until sunset (maybe around 22h00 (10:00pm)). There is a meeting point close to S-Bahnhof Fredersdorf that is easy to find once you are there. A telephone number on a sign will give you the chance of asking if you are unsure if the Bus will come. There will be NO service in the night.

Getting there before...

If you don't have a car and you want to get to the Camp before the ShuttleBus operates, you can take a taxi from S-Bahnhof Fredersdorf (12km) or you can alternatively look for a bus connection to Altlandsberg Nord at the local public transport information server. From there it is only a 2km walk to the Camp.

Getting a lift

There is GettingAndOfferingALift page in CampWiki

GPS Waypoints

If you can make use of a GPS system, set your target waypoint to N 52.57959 E 13.69414

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