The Camp would not be possible without the support of the following organizations.

artevent Logo artevent Event Production and Logistics
marplon4 Logo Marplon 4 3D Modelling and Industrial Design
WIMO Logo WIMO WaveLAN Antennas
USED CISCO Logo USED CISCO Camp Network Technology
CISCO Logo CISCO Camp Network Technology
Global Access Logo Global Access Internet Provider
KPN Logo KPN Eurorings Internet Provider
BerlinNet Logo BerlinNet Internet Provider
e.discom Logo e.discom Long Range Data Transmission Infrastructure
Versatel Logo Versatel Long Range Data Transmission Infrastructure
Veagcom Logo Veagcom Long Range Data Transmission Infrastructure
Loomes Logo Loomes Server Hosting
ECIX Logo ECIX Peering Point, CentralSwitch Berlin, NOC Berlin, Rackspace Berlin
Netsign Logo Netsign IP Planning and Consulting
Stollmann Logo Stollmann Bluetooth Equipment
NK Networks Logo NK Networks Juniper Routing Equipment
Apple Logo Apple Workstations and Servers
IPB Logo IPB Internet Exchange Room
bcc Logo Berliner Congress Center Infrastructure
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