Camp Impression 07

The Camp features a two-track series of lectures the whole four days - twelve hours a day. Topics will revolve around all kinds of technology, security, art, philosophy and politics. We try, however to create a certain focus on a number of topics that we regard as important for the near future. The Camp is intended to promote the interchange of technical, social and political ideas and concepts to find ways to make this world a little bit more friendly to intelligent beings.

The conference language is english, therefore all lectures and workshops are going to be held in english.


The first version of the schedule is online. This is still a work in progress and there are much more topics planned than those who show up now. But all lectures you can see are already confirmed and unlikely to be shifted in timing.

Please understand that our conference planning is very dynamic and this last-minute development can be considered normal as we try to react even to very late but interesting offerings.

If you are using an iCalendar compatible program, you can subscribe to the schedule with your calendar application: webcal://

If you want to do a lecture at the Camp please go ahead and study the Call For Papers at our Wiki site.

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