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Camp Impression 06

The Chaos Communication Camp is a holiday event for hackers, nerds and other beeings with a creative and critical view of live. The participants expect the press people to show a certain degree of non-intrusive behavior, especially regarding the right not to be filmed or photographed. Some participants neither want to be filmed, photographed or interviewed. There is a separate, explicitly marked "no camera zone" where no taking of pictures is possible. Journalists are kindly asked to respect the spirit of event and the requirements of the participants. As long as these guidelines

To take care for these needs all production of photo material will be carried out by a special professional pool crew. There is a photo pool page offering live photography from the Camp. Contact information is provided with each photo.

Press people from the radio and newspapers are kindly requested to respect the holiday, non-sensational character of the event and the needs of the participants.

Admission to the Camp area

Every press person is regarded as a normal participant and has to pay the same entrance fee. There are no exceptions. The fee is EUR 25 per day or EUR 100 for the whole event.

Please understand that a free entry is not possible. Members of the press use the same infrastructure like everbody else and therefore should contribute in refinancing the same way as everybody else. Because Camp is a non-commercial event and we want to keep the price as low as possible, there are no exceptions (not even for the "young press").

Press ID cards

Every member of the press is obliged to carry a card with the word "PRESS" on it, clearly visible. The IDs will be given out at the entrance.

TV, Photo, Video

Participants decide by themselves if they want to speak to journalists or nor and if they want to be photographed or filmed in any way. Please respect this right all the times.

With the exception of the no-camera zone, cameras are allowed at the Camp. If you use your photography equipment within the no-camera zone you will be banned from the Camp area.


If you ask a participant if he or she wants to be interviewed you need to do this with your recorder switched off. We ask you to respect if someone does not want to be interviewed. If you want to record workshops or lectures you can position your microphone on the stage, if the speaker agrees.

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