To cover our costs, we have to ask for the following fees for participation:

Category Price Comment
Volunteer Ticket EUR 100,00 All days including camping, Internet, power, facilites.
Business Ticket EUR 1000,00 All days including camping, Internet, power, facilites and the good feeling to have supported a good cause.
Day Pass EUR 20,00 10.00h in the morning to 2.00h in the night. You can participate in lectures and activity. No Camping.


Children under 12 in attendance of its parents get in free.

A single person officially accompanying severely handicapped persons get in free.

Registration and payment

Everybody who wants to join the Camp is required to register first. In return, you receive your unique login name that you can use to use certain services. The registration system is running on a separate server at:

After registration you can use your login name to uniquely identify advance payment.

We want you to pay your entrance fee in advance as we need the money to pay early bills. Please help us by getting the money to us as soon as possible. Thanks.

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