Camp Impression 03

There will many projects going on at the Camp. In addition to the Camp Conference various groups will come and set up their own workshops and activities.

The Camp is divided into small villages that provide structure and give the participant to join a certain area of interest. A village might feature people doing extra workshops following their own agenda in their own tent. There is no central planning for this kind of events. If you are interested in a specific area, just place for tent appropriately and get in touch.


The Hackcenter is the central tent featuring 1500m2 space for everybody. You can bring your computer here and meet with many people. The Hackcenter is the best networked place on the Camp.

The Hackcenter also offers an InfoDesk where you can get any information about the Camp you might need, a booth with you the computer equipment you forgot at home, books and other useful resources.

Art & Beauty Village

The Art & Beauty Village is the central gathering ground at the Camp. With a central marketplace for food and music the village also features a big central tent for many smaller projects.

Apart from a loose crowd of interested parties, there are also some extra projects with their own tents all arranged within the Art & Beauty area [CampWiki].

Gimp Developer's Conference

The next Gimp Developer's Conference will take place at the Camp. Gimp and GTK developers from all over the world will gather and held the conference in their own tent at the Camp [CampWiki].

Open AirVit

OpenAirVit is an open workshop for VJs of the AVIT scene. Visuals and synchronized audio/video is in the center of the activity [CampWiki].


The BlinkenArea is the meeting place for people working on projects that are closely or loosely associated with Project Blinkenlights. You will find Blinkenlights clones as well as totally new developments pursuing new approaches to blinking light control[CampWiki].

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