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This is a list of useful places near the Leipzig fairgrounds (or easy to reach by tram, train, or bus (see public transport)). It is not representative or complete.
If you need something and can't find it here ask an Angel or the Info desk, they'll be glad to help.
Also: please add to and update this list!

General: the Leipzig fairgrounds are located at the northern city limits of Leipzig. This puts a natural limit to the availability of nearby accomodation, shops and other amenities. Luckily, the Sachsenpark shopping centre is right nearby and houses a huge hardware store (Bauhaus), a large food retailer (Globus) and several other shops.

A nice overview on travel to Leipzig is provided on this Wikivoyage page.


You can generally move around the complete city of Leipzig safely. Beware of pickpockets though, especially in the city centre.

Please beware: In the eastern part of the city, around Eisenbahnstraße ([see map here (only German)][1]), the Police erected a weapon control zone ("Waffenverbotszone") where you are not allowed to carry any "dangerous item". Furthermore, inside the zone the police are allowed to halt and control anyone without the need for a cause.


The valid currency in Germany is the Euro (EUR). Unlike in most other countries, a lot of the smaller shops and food stands in Germany don't accept card payment or refuse to accept until you reach a certain shopping value. Shopping centres, big retailers and most of the restaurants will accept your card gladly, though.

You can find several ATMs at the nearby Sachsenpark shopping centre. There is no cash machine inside the fairgrounds.

Post offices

There is a book/press shop inside the Sachsenpark that offers postal services. It's open from 0800h-2100h on weekdays and from 0800-2000 on saturdays.

Pharmacies and Healthcare

You can find a pharmacy inside Sachsenpark. It's open from 0800h-2100h on weekdays and on saturdays.

Pharmacies are closed during the night and on Sundays. There is an emergency service of pharmacies on an alternating schedule. Please have a look at the [website of the city of Leipzig][2] or contact CERT, they can find an open pharmacy for you.


The nearest hospital is the St. Georg Hospital. Although, if you have a hospital-needing emergency, please call CERT for immediate medical assistance.


There is a laundry service right at the nearby Sachsenpark shopping centre. It's open 0900-2100 monday through saturday.

Public Swimming pools

There are several public pools around the city, but none of them are near the fairgrounds. For your aquatic needs, please have a look at this overview page.

Private Transport

See Local Transport

Public Transport

There are basically 3 ways to get around the city:

  • tram (Straßenbahn, yellow/green H signs)
  • suburban railway (S-Bahn, green S signs)
  • bus (Bus, yellow/green H signs)

See Local Transport for all details.


Spätis are small convenience stores which are open long after everything else has closed for the night offering some essentials things (beer, chocolate and most often also Mate).

Additionally, most of the gas stations are open 24/7 and provide a variety of food and drinks.


See Accommodation

Swimming Lakes / Beaches

Störmthaler See during flooding with typical German welcoming sign

Due to the high demand and accelerating climate change in the last years we can now provide a list of recommended lakes and beaches around Leipzig. The lakes are characterized in particular by a unique industrial charm as most of them are former open pit coal mines. For now we focus on the nearest lakes in the south and west of Leipzig. And remember, your Congress ticket is also valid for public transportation!

Cospudener See

Cospudener See

This lake is best developed for tourist needs: own bus line, nudity beach, dog beach, whitewater ride, surf school and so on.

North Beach on openstreetmap / Wikipedia page

Kulkwitzer See

A diving paradise, extremely clear water and up too 100m deep! Reachable by tram line 1 and 2.

openstreetmap / Wikipedia page

Markkleeberger See

One of the newer lakes with a beautiful island in the center, provides a sport and family beach, also a canoe rental. A great choice for families!

openstreetmap / Wikipedia page

Störmthaler See

The newest addition to the amazing "Leipziger Neuseenland". Since 2014 it's open to the public. The rest is the usual. You know, water and so on. openstreetmap / Wikipedia page

Other locations

Leipzig is chock-full with fine cafes, delicious restaurants and generally nice places to stay, although almost none of them are located around the fairgrounds.

For more information, please have a look at this wikivoyage page.

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