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Trash/ Garbage

In the exhibition halls 2 and 3 you will find cardboard waste bins. The garbage you throw into these bins must be collected by angels and brought to the collection point. Assemblies and larger groups can get a garbage bag at the infodesk and the LOC-Helpdesk and bring it directly to the collection point by themselves. The collection points are marked in c3nav and the angels at the infodesk will gladly show you the locations on a map. Please do not throw garbage bags into the paper/cardboard bins.

Broken glass

A small mishap happens quickly and the mate-bottle is lying on the floor as broken glass. That's why this year there are broken glass containers with the accompanying sweeping set. At the following places there should be a container:

  • Bar (all)
  • Hall (at one of the bottle-drop points)
  • Infodesk (CCL MZF 3/4)
  • Cloakroom (glass hall at the entrance)
  • Späti (glass hall above)
  • Wikipaka (Hall 2)
  • Chaospost (Hall 3)
  • Heaven
  • LOC helpdesk

The locations are also marked in c3nav. Please close the lid well before transport and bring the container back so others can use it.

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