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Food in Leipzig

Food around the CCL

Near CCL is Sachsenpark. It has some food options:

Eutritzsch and Wiederitzsch (some minutes with 16E) have more food options.

Food options in the city of Leipzig

  • Auerbachs Keller: One of the most famous restaurants in Leipzig. Its history goes back to the 16th century. It offers traditional German food. Reservation is recommended.
  • Bayerischer Bahnhof: Restaurant at a historic train station (30 minutes from CCL by tram)
  • Oskar Leipzig: Restaurant near Zentrum-Süd which has Vegan, Vegetarian and Meat based options, all quite good.

Special Dietary Constraints

If you have special medical, ethical or religious rules or limitations we provide you with some Locations:

  • I've found Happy Cow to be a good place to find Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants.
  • OpenVegeMap also shows some vegan restaurants.

Local Specialties

One dish is . It consists of several vegetables and comes in several variations.

  • Leipziger Lerchen, a shortcrust filled with a mixture of crushed almonds, nuts and a cherry. Sold in bakeries.
  • Quarkkäulchen, made from two-thirds mashed potatoes, one-third quark cheese, fried and served in traditional restaurants as a dessert.
  • Leipziger Allerlei, a vegetable dish consisting of peas, carrots, green beans, asparagus, morels, and celery. The fancy variant is served with crayfish.
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