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A ticket for one night costs 10,00€.

General Information

The dorms are available from December, 25th. 18:00 until December, 31th 12:00 (noon).

Tickets are sold at the following locations:

Day -1: Starting after dinner at the Angel Catering
Day 0: Starting 18:00 at the Infodesk
Day 1 and later: At the Infodesk

The schools are open 24/5 and guarded.

Each school provides toilets. Showers are available in the sports hall only which can also be used of course if you sleep at one of the other dorms. As the number of showers is limited, there might be long queues in the morning and the evening.


We're just guests in these schools. Therefore there are some rules to follow:

  • Be excellent to each other and the facilities.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited on the premises of the schools and inside the buildings.
    • There are no smoking areas.
    • To smoke you have to leave the campus.
  • Do not touch any posters or decoration in the classrooms.
  • Do not use the projector or any technical devices in the rooms.
  • Do not remove any items from the rooms.
  • Do not modify or "embellish" anything in the rooms.
  • Act like a guest.

Failing in any of these rules may result in a fine or a permanent ban from the schools. In this case we won't be able to offer any cheap accommodations in future.


The BSZ 7 (Berufliches Schulzentrum 7), the Susanna-Eger-Schule and the sports hall are located at

An der Querbreite 6
04129 Leipzig

getting there

Show location in: openstreetmap | google maps

Route from CCL: openstreetmap | google maps

public transport

From the station "Messegelände" take line 16 and exit at the station "Mosenthinstraße".

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Are the dorms assigned or can I choose it myself?

You can choose yourself to sleep in a classroom in the school or in the sports hall, there are no fixed assignments.

Can I leave stuff there while I'm at the congress?

Yes, you can leave your stuff at the dorm, but we can't assume liability for your stuff!

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