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Special 36C3-Offer

DB is offering you a special ticket for your travel from "Any DB-Station" > Leipzig > "Any DB-Station". You can book it at

You can't get this ticket at a normal railway station counter. Especially if you are living outside Germany, the employees at the DB branch office don't even know about these special offers and can't sell them through their infrastructure.

You will need a creditcard in order to book and pay the ticket. Other means of payment (like direct debit ("Lastschrift") is not available).

The system will offer you all available tickets in the DB-universe: This includes not only the Veranstaltungsticket but also the offers available to everyone like the "Sparpreis".


As a rule of thumb, travel has to occur within 2 days of the beginning/end of the event.

  • First possible day of travel: 25.12.2019
  • Last possible day of travel: 01.01.2020

The ticket is not valid for travel before or after this timeframe, unless you have a ticket or other proof that states a different timeframe of the event.

Fixed Ticket ("Zugbindung")

A "fixed ticket" (in german called "with Zugbindung") means, that you have to choose your train at the time of booking and have to stick to it!

  • 2nd class: starting at EUR 54,90 one-way
  • 1st class: starting at EUR 89,90 one-way

Although, when the Deutsche Bahn messes up your connection (as opposed to messing it up yourself like by being too late), for example when your train is delayed and in consequence you miss your connecting train, you can have your ticket signed by the conductor or at the next DB Service Point or DB Reisezentrum and then you're not bound to your booked trains anymore. But remember, only when it wasn't your own fault!

There is only a limited amount of these tickets available. FCFS.

Regular Ticket

You don't have to choose a train, you just get in and you're done.

  • 2nd class: starting at EUR 74,90 one-way
  • 1st class: starting at EUR 109,90 one-way

Please take note, that even with a regular/flexible ticket you still have to choose a departure and a return-date. As for the return-date, there is no big trouble: Just use your ticket until this date. But the departure-date is more tricky: Even if you book a regular/flexible ticket, you'll need to leave within two days of the selected departure date. And in general: Travel in each direction must be completed within two days.

Example: Your Ticket is valid from 25.12. until 04.01. This means you'll need to leave the latest on 27.12. and complete your journey the same day. If you already leave on the 25.12., you can take your time until 26.12.. Going home with your ticket is possible at any time, just make sure your travel ends the latest on 04.01.. Anyhow, if you would to leave on 01.01., you can travel until the 02.01. with the ticket.

Exchange/Return policy/Stuff

You can exchange or return this tickets until one day bevor the day of travel for a fee of EUR 19,00. After this moment, you're out of luck. Seatreservations are never refunded.

Additional rebates (bahncard, businesstravel-rebates, etc.) are not applied.

The use of Nighttrains (DB Nachtzug) or ICE Sprinter is subject to additional fare!

Anonymous ticket

You don't want to tell DB your creditcard-number but still want the ticket?

In that case, please find someone else to pay directly for your ticket as the webpage is the only official way to buy this ticket.

If you are working at a DB-Agentur and want to sell these tickets anonymously to other people, please contact User:Martin (martin at, and we will set you up with the relevant booking-information for NVS. Please remember, that selling this ticket won't increase your agency-revenue according to the new provision model introduced by DB-Vertrieb.

Questions regarding the Veranstaltungsticket

Please do not ever !!! contact the 36C3-orga with questions concerning the ticket - they have nothing to do with it!

Please call instead the DB-Hotline with your questions or - if you are shy and don't want to call them - leave your question here.


If you are more than 6 persons that want to travel by train, you may want to check DB Gruppe und Spar. You can check the avaibility of reduced tickets (There is a 30%, 40%, 50%, 60% or 70% discount) and contact DB directly for booking.

Individual Travel

Lookout for Sparpreis-Tickets, that are avaiable from EUR 19 to EUR 99 (2nd class)/ EUR 49 to EUR 149 (1st class). You can use the above link, as this page will return Veranstaltungs- and regular ticket offers.

Look close - sometimes booking your ticket in 1st class will result in a cheaper fare than in 2nd class!

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