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The ChaosZone Assembly provides a filament exchange for 3D printing nerds.

How it works

  • You bring some filament you would like to trade in along with basic information like e. g. filament type, temperature, manufacturer/vendor.
  • You and us will pack it into units of about 100g or 50m (maybe a bit less if it is very, very valuable stuff or a bit more if it's just plain boring vanilla PLA, in general we would like to have reasonable sized packages you can use to print useful stuff with).
  • We will seal and label the package.
  • You receive a voucher point for each unit traded in.
  • For each voucher point you can take out one unit at any given time the exchange is open or there is someone around to redeem your voucher.

What to bring

Preferably unusual filaments, nice shiny colors, unusual materials, flexible filament etc. Some small(!) printed sample that can be fastened to the package might be a good idea (but is not strictly necessary).

What not to do

  • Do not bring old or unusable or useless stuff.
  • Do not bring huge amounts of vanilla stuff. One or two units of black PETG might be o.k., 2kg are not. (Albeit a 750g spool of Flex Material would be welcome, we think you get the idea.)
  • Generally be excellent to each other. Take only one sample of a kind. Others want to have fun as well.

What else goes

We will bring a small number of pre-packaged sets of other useful materials like an assortment of square nuts and button head screws with flange.

Other useful things you could bring might be:

  • Assortments of PT screws (please pre-pack and prepare some labels (60x60mm image with 300 dpi) if possible).
  • Threaded inserts
  • Some spare nozzle sets with different diameters.

Please make sure we can pack this in units of a fair equivalent value to 100g of filament and that your package is useful for others. E. g. our nuts and screw assortment contains 66 V2A screws in 5 different sizes and 40 square nuts which do have a value of about 2-3 € when buying in larger quantities.


If you have leftover amounts of vacuum sealing bags (200x250mm or rolls of 200mm width, bags have to be textured/embossed) we would be happy about some donations. We bring 300 bags with us but this might not be enough.

You can also pre-pack your filament in 100g units, preferably in bags about 200mmx250mm. We bring a label printer.

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