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Warning: Work in Progress

This page is actively maintained and will be supplemented during the event with information resulting from queries, feedback and current occurrences..

In case of doubt, please check back here before you start your journey or if you have any questions.

The best way to reach us at the moment is under



The ticket sale was on Monday, 25.11.2019, at 17 o'clock CET (UTC+1).

One ticket covers one vehicle (up to 10m in length) that is occupied, plus an additional towing vehicle if necessary (up to 3.5t or 6m in length). This means that you can park your car next to the caravan. If the car is also inhabited, a separate ticket is necessary, since we then have to place the vehicle on a single parking bay due to fire safety code.

In order to keep it affordable, consumables like water and electricity are calculated tightly to one person. To make up for the higher consumption of several persons and to have a rough idea of how many persons will be staying on the premises, there is an option for registering additional persons at 10€ each when buying a ticket. This is not necessary for children under 12.

If you want to add additional persons after the purchase, please contact us on site.

The Camping Ticket does not count as a Congress Ticket, i.e. participation in the Camping requires a valid Congress Ticket!

With the ticket you will get a fairground parking permit from the camping team on site. This ticket needs to be attached to the vehicle in a clearly visible way.


As is the case with normal tickets, you can apply for a camping friends-ticket in the ticket shop. The friends-ticket team will then get in touch with you.

Duration valid

As a congress participant with a valid camping ticket, you can make use of a parking space between 25 and 31 December 2019.

If you would like to help with buildup and teardown, we would be delighted to have your support. The ticket is good from Dec 15, 2019 to Jan 05, 2020. When purchasing the ticket you will be asked about your expected arrival and departure, please let us know as precisely as possible.


If you want to be placed as a group, it is required that we can perform the booking and placing procedures in one go. Upon arrival of the first participant of the group, all camping tickets and the corresponding license plates of the vehicles including towing vehicles must be presented. Most importantly you need to know who will be coming with a caravan, as in this case the license plates of the towing vehicle and caravan are needed.


Since the demand for camping tickets was particularly high this year, many people did not get a camping ticket. It is possible to park and stay overnight at the parking lot of Messe Leipzig. Note that there is limited infrastructure on the parking lot. For campers there is a special rate for parking.


The terrain

The camping lot is again on the outdoor area 1 of Leipzig fairground. The site is divided into small areas with a lantern pole in the middle. The markings A01-A11, B02-B11 and C03-C11 are clearly visible under the lantern. Between these areas there are paved driveways. The pitches themselves are on gravel ground, which unfortunately gets messy in wet conditions. Since parking with the caravan door facing the paved road is the exception, take suitable precautions.

The exhibition grounds are only approved for streetworthy vehicles. This means, for example, that tents are not permitted.

In particular we would like to ask you to follow the traffic rules of the fair grounds.

Sanitary facilities

There will be three toilets stations spread over the area, two of which will also be equipped with showers. The showers are unfortunately not suitable for people in wheelchairs. Wheelchair users can use showers in the CCL. Please write to us at so that we can estimate the demand.

During the event, access to Hall 2 will be open around the clock, so that the facilities at the fair can also be used.

We will set up an angel shift which will refill toilet paper and empty the garbage cans once a day. Like last year, there will be no cleaning service scheduled. We will provide cleaning material, garbage bags and toilet paper at a suitable location so that every camping participant can become active if necessary. We will add the location here as soon as it is known.


Sufficient garbage cans are placed in the middle of the site. After last year's experience we would like to ask you not to use the garbage cans in the toilets to dispose of the garbage produced during camping, but to put it in the containers.


All areas on which parking spaces are planned have one or two power distributors in the middle of the lantern. The connections are mostly mixed with 3-pole blue CEE sockets and Schuko sockets. Which socket will be available at your arrival is unclear in advance, so please bring an adapter with you.

Depending on the parking space, the distance to the distribution box can be 30m. A 50m cable drum is also necessary to avoid daisychaining.

Groups of up to 16 participants share a 32A distribution box. In order to get along without power cuts, please include this in your planning and think of your neighbours.

Fresh and waste water

Water can be tapped and disposed of at the toilets by the containers or in the utility room by the toilets in Hall 2. Unfortunately, there is no camp site style supply/disposal station onsite. The disposal of waste water into the rain drains is prohibited.



You can reach us via the following ways:

  • E-Mail:
  • DECT: 2272 (CARA)


Access to the site is via the access road "Tor Süd 1". The access road is manned by the fair personnel around the clock. If you have not yet been assigned a specific parking space, there is a waiting queue next to the parking spaces where you can park until we have assigned you one.

Here are some maps to help you with orientation.

Map-to-caravan-area.png Caravan-c3-waiting-queue-map.png

Please do not just drop your car/caravan without authorisation (only exemption: waiting queue between A08 and Hall 4). Be prepared to stay overnight on the temporary waiting queue without electricity when you arrive at night, when our team is off shift (off shift is probably between 20:00 and 10:00).

Delivery of rental caravans

If you have a rental caravan delivered to you by any supplier, you or a representative must be present at the time of delivery. Please contact us on site beforehand so that the caravan can be placed immediately. We will need the camping ticket, license plate number of the caravan and, if you arrive by car and want to park it next to the caravan, also the number of your car. We will assign a place before delivery where you can let the supplier put the caravan,

Parking of towing vehicles

You can park your car/truck (up to 3,5t or 6m length) directly at the caravan without additional costs. For all other towing vehicles you need another ticket or park it on the Fair parking spaces. A towing vehicle parked on the camping site may only be inhabited if another ticket is redeemed and a separate parking space is allocated. More detailed Directions are also available.

Tent, awning or similar structures

The agreements with the fair only cover road legal vehicles, as you may park them on the official parking lot. No anchors such as pegs may be placed in the ground on the parking spaces, hence storm-proof installation would be difficult anyway.

Temporary leaving of the area with the vehicle

The fair's parking permit allows you to drive out and into the grounds.

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