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For the second time in the history of CCC, Congress will not be held in a downtown area but a little further out. We had to relocate in 2017 to Messe Leipzig. This comes with a number of challenges. This comes with a number of challenges. Moving conveniently between downtown and the 35C3 location is one of these challenges that we put a lot of thought and energy in. Hotel capacities at the fair grounds are limited, the food options might not suit everyone, the long distance trains arrive in downtown: There is a multitude of reasons why it should not be a hassle to hop between 35C3 and downtown Leipzig.


The Congress takes place at

Messe Leipzig / Congress Center Leipzig (CCL)
Messe-Allee 1
04356 Leipzig
Travel Information
Accommodation Information

Your ticket includes the 16 tram line!

Fortunately, the City of Leipzig runs a tram line from Congress to the city. To cope with the surge of passengers during the otherwise quiet time between Christmas and New Year, they made us a commercial offer to operate longer trains. Using highly scientific methods we figured out at what times they would need to operate more often and that they would need to continue service during night. Maybe you remember last year where you could buy a discounted ticket. This year we have something awesome to tell you:

The tram line 16 will run in a 10 min interval during the night, effectively providing a clean, electrically driven, properly heated shuttle with your fellow hackers to downtown. And the best is: It is starting directly at the 35C3 entrance!

Yes, all bracelets have a four-day pass valid for the whole city of Leipzig (zone 110) included. No strings attached, except your bracelet.

Local Transport at Messe Bhf. / Messegelände station

If you are new to Leipzig, you should get a city map and a map of the local tram system. You can get maps of the local transport system at many LVB shops for free, and city maps are available for a few euros.

The closest train station is called Leipzig Messe Bahnhof: The S-Bahn lines S2, S5, S5X, S6 and regional train line RE16 stop at Leipzig Messe Bahnhof. There is also quite close a tram station called S-Bahnhof Messe station, providing connection to tram line 16.

While the closest tram station is called Messegelände, where the tram 16 has its final stop.

Your printed 35C3 ticket entitles you to a single ride to Congress Center Leipzig via all means of transportation of the MDV in the City of Leipzig (zone 110) on the 27th Dec 2018.

In any case, the way from these stations to the CCL is signposted.

See also: Local Transport

Arrival by train

The best way to travel to Leipzig by train is via the ICE (InterCityExpress) routes. The trains stop at Leipzig Hauptbahnhof. Look up your connections with the Online Booking System of the Deutsche Bahn.

There is a special event ticket by Deutsche Bahn for your travel.

Arrival by bus

Just recently we got rid of the monopoly of the German train company regarding long distance rides, so those busses are a nice option, too. They will start and end near main station, please check the Local Transport how to reach CCL.

Arrival by plane

Leipzig can be reached by commercial aviation through the Leipzig/Halle Airport (LEJ).

Leipzig/Halle Airport (LEJ)

If you arrive at the Leipzig/Halle Airport:

  • follow the signs to the trains
  • take the S5 or S5X in the direction Leipzig
  • you can get of after one stop at Messe


  • stay on till you reach the city centre.

Attention! Your single ride ticket (printed on your entrance ticket) and your wristband won't entitle you to use the S-Bahn outside the City of Leipzig (zone 110), so you'll need an extra ticket for your journey from Leipzig/Halle Airport (zone 163) to the stations Leipzig Messe Bahnhof or Leipzig central station (zone 110).

Spaceship Landing Area CCL

Probably already occupied by the Fairydust. Sorry.

Arrival by car

Bringing your own car to get to the Congress might enable you to bring the larger volumes of stuff for your assemblies and have more flexibility in coordinating travel times. If you need to unload your vehicle, please talk to the LOC (35c3 [at] c3loc [dot] de). There are plenty of parking spots available near the fair. Prices can be found here. But using that car to travel around in Leipzig is doomed to produce jams and frustration looking for in-city parking space. If you come by car, please leave it at the fair ground parking lot.

Park and Ride

If you come by car, please leave it at the fair ground parking lot. We have plenty of space there. But do not use it for traveling into town. Also, we always strive to reduce the usage of combustion engines where possible. This is why we avoided chartering shuttle busses, which would have been a cheap but also dirty and stinky solution.


This wiki has a special page for announcing and requesting lifts to and from the congress: Traveling Groups

But you can also check out the following sites:

MitFahrZentralen (MVZ) - Overview:


See the accommodation page for offers and requests of rooms to share.

If you need a means of transport for something you want to bring to the congress or can offer some space in your car, have a look here.

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