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Please add yourself here if you can offer a shared ride (or e.g. a groupticket for train etc), or if you looking for some ride. Don't forget to leave a contact and/or maybe subscribe this wikipage to see if someone else adds a fitting offer or request.



from date type who / contact comment
Lüneburg/Uelzen 26/12 start ~09:00 (morning) Ford Fiesta (Cambio Carsharing) alsternerd 1 seat (1 back/front) with not much lugguage / Main Route
Passau 26/12 ~noon Ford Focus hasdf 2-3 seats / relatively big trunk / via Regensburg / Route
Gießen 26/12 (late afternoon) Ford Mondeo s0x Contact Telegram or Text: 0162/4049195 2-3 seats
Berlin 24/12 (~12.00 - 14.00) Wohnwagen hanziwi 1 -2 seats. Expect a slow but therefore hopefully scenic ride 😊. Approx route:
Kandern/Freiburg 26/12 (~12-14:00) Mercedes Camper (slowly but hopefully surely..) mischa Contact: send mail please 2 seats (1 front/ 1 back) Route or Route2
Stockach 24/12 (~12.00 - 14.00) BMW 5er Touring bimini contact: 35c3[at] 1 -2 seats. Driving Via Stuttgart - Heilbronn - Nürnberg or Würzburg. Getting on, on the way is possible.
Berlin 22/12 (~11:00 - 14:00) VW Golf 6 Telegram: entour Threema: 56TY2SKT 1 - 3 Seats


to date type who / contact comment
TO DD/MM night/morning/noon/afternoon/evening TYPE (of CAR) user Comment, how many, space available etc.
Berlin 30.12. 17-18.00 / after the security nightmares Scoda Octavia Combi 015777575492 Room for some luggage, 3 free places
Hamburg 30/12 after the security nightmares peugeot 107 /0176 20013984 small. only have room for one. Luggage should find room if you don't plan on taking the heart of gold
Berlin 03/12 (~11.00 - 14.00) Wohnwagen hanziwi 1 - 2 seats. Expect a slow but therefore scenic ride 😊. Approx Route:
Gießen 30/12 (evening) Ford Mondeo s0x Contact Telegram or Text: 0162/4049195 2-3 seats
Bremen 30/12 (evening) Audi A6 Avant corny 0170/7503603 2-3 seats
Berlin 30/12 around 18:00 VW T3 Bulli baff 0157 55794797 2 seats to neukoelln in berlin in older minivan, not the fastest but quite some space, dogs welcome!
Nürnberg via Erfurt, Bamberg, Erlangen 30/12 18:19 Leipzig Hauptbahnhof (Main Station) Deutsche Bahn (Train) DECT 99564363 or write to the wikipage of Zitrone. Single train ticket for ICE 603. The ticket is NOT bound to a certain name and can be transfered. Price: 32 €.
Bochum / Dortmund 30/12 Late afternoon / Early evening. Car. Please call +49 163 6332746 or come to Telnet and ask for Dario. Space for 1 person.
Ludwigsfelde/Wismar 30/12 ca. 8pm car 015901668799 1 lovely person can join us, contact Britta for info.
Berlin 31/12 ca. (after)noon car GSM 26711 or 015737265-three-o-seven 2 places to Berlin
Frankfurt am Main 31/12 probably 11am car (Golf) Rocket.Chat or Wire both as Phil1023. Starting from near main station Leipzig. 1-2 places depending on luggage.
Potsdam 30/12 around 18:30 VW Caddy jbbr DECT 3130 2 seats to Potsdam hbf, I can also do short detours to e.g. Berlin Wannsee if helpful.

I will start from P2.


from date who / contact comment
Hamburg 26/12 late or 27/12 early ke^kx
Ruhrpott (Gelsenkirchen would be awesome) 26/12 early Von Birne we travel as 2
Hamburg 30/12 after last session or later RaumstationVKHL
Gorlitz/Breslau 30/12 early wtyczek I go to Poland, but every ride to border direction will be ok
Hamburg 02/01/19 - 04/01/19 Rio Got Three of the Yellow Post Crates (stacked they are 60x 48x 25 cm) and a Backpack Luggage
Nürnberg or Regensburg 30/12/9 after ~15:00h metaphil luggage: large backpack
Erlangen or Bamberg 31/12/9 early movatica (call 3359) 1P w/ large backpack
Bremen (Hanover, Hamburg or just somewhere in Lower Saxony is alright) 30.12. evening MateCola 0179 61 27 111 or 0151 72 63 83 66 two people with backpacks
Berlin 30.12. ca. 22h Vernsy at Komona F.U.C.K. one Person, one backpack

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