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Link to the official schedule

We traditionally provide a static HTML export of the Fahrplan, where you find the list and timeslots for talks accepted during the CfP. You can also obtain several export formats like PDF, JSON, XML and iCal there.

If you are searching for that calendar, just head to the Fahrplan, for music go to ABFahrplan

Other schedules

If you like to have a overview over the Self-organized Sessions going on during the congress, please visit the Self-organized Sessions. But this year there are also many secondary schedules:

The apps typically provide a merged version of the individual schedules, which is described in more detail below.


Apps for the Fahrplan can be found on the Apps page.

Merged schedules (XML / JSON)

Fahrplan of five main rooms + assemblies with pretalx (4x) + self-organized Sessions (wiki)

Only WIKI/self-organized Sessions in Rooms including Day 0

Merged raw dump from wiki data (event+session)

(updated about every 10 minutes via )


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