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  • 35C3 Fahrplan by tbsprs on Google Play
    • uses everything.schedule.xml which includes: Fahrplan from five main lecture haals, Lounge, ChaosWest, Open Infrastructure Orbit, ChaosZone, Sendezentrum, and Wiki workshops and self-organized sessions
    • Source code on GitHub
    • F-Droid (via the dedicated Congress repo)
    • Lightning Talk about the app.
  • c3nav (see own section below)
  • 35C3 Workshop Planner by Mathias Wegener on Google Play
  • Giggity (General Fahrplan App) on fdroid

iOS & Co

  • Congress – 35C3 (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch & Apple TV) by Toto.
    • includes: Main Fahrplan, Lounge, ChaosWest, Open Infrastructure Orbit, ChaosZone, Sendezentrum and possibly more
    • Website
    • Twitter



[1] ConfClerk is an application written in ​Qt, which makes conference schedules available offline. It displays the conference schedule from various views, supports searches on various items (speaker, speech topic, location, etc.) and enables you to select favorite events and create your own schedule.

ConfClerk is able to import schedules in schedule.XML format.

URLs of schedule.xml/.json

Fahrplan of five main rooms

Fahrplan of five main rooms + assemblies with pretalx (4x) + self-organized sessions (wiki) + lounges

see Static:Schedule#Merged_schedules for more information


Android frontend for by codingcatgirl

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