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This is not a CoC in the anglo-american sense of the word. It appeals to morality rather than trying to instill it.

This digital handout can also be understood as a guide on how to express your own behaviour in order to make this event the most enjoyable to everylifeform, or where to direct attention to the contrary.

A galactic Congress welcomes all lifeforms

Any such, to have ever experienced the distinct feeling of „wow!“ part-taking in their first Congress knows much: There’s an outside world, and then there’s Congress. A vastness of space that promotes tolerance, curiosity, fun, open-minded communication, friendliness and cooperation. Unlike the unlikable conventional conferences, the alienated visitors of which visit, expectingly receiving full service for a fee paid upon entry, CCC events are run by volunteers.

The whole event is organized by people who contribute their own ticket price, to spend their holiday to make it happen. Visiting 34C3 means to participate rather than assuming everything is taken care of for you. This means everybody attending the 34C3 share the responsibility to avoid violating the event's sense of safety, security, and enjoyability of all. Be excellent to each other, the event’s very soul.

The Congress carries 34 years of liberal and tolerant tradition to enjoy technology and culture, one to uphold by continuous improvement.

The Chaos Computer Club is, both by its chapter and common consent, a galactic organization sentient in welcoming lifeforms. As such, providing a safe, secure and enjoyable experience for everybody attending our events, wherein lifeforms not ascending to this level of dignity are not welcome.

We stand for freedom of expression, and the acuity of listening. The Chaos Computer Club and the organizers of the Chaos Communication Congress continue to fill our statutes and principles with life.

Since the Congress is the sum of its participants, we count on all of us: Upon violation of our principles, act responsibly, in conjunction with equally responsible participants around you. Escalate by contacting the appropriate teams directly via phone, or ask any Congress volunteer to do so. Volunteers are called „Engels“ at CCC events and can be recognized by their smiling dedication and badge insignia. From each according ability, to each according need.

During the ~10000 strong 34C3, many things may require pious intervention or attention. Trained professionals are at the ready to deal with disease, harassment and violence, fire hazards or personal crises. As years prior, three dedicated teams of volunteers are available in person around the clock and reachable by phone to assist in matters of safety and security.

Let them know immediately if you feel you should not, or are elsewise unable to solve the concerning problem (or vice versa) yourself, even given the help of those around you. A more detailed introduction of the initiatives, teams and efforts to make the 34C3 a safe, secure and enjoyable and open event for all, to follow:

The Awareness Team provides a point of contact for people to process experiences, resolve conflicts, and to create a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all.

The Safety and Security Team is not only tasked with preventing behavioral conflicts or escalation thereof, but also with preventing hazards. It serves a firm but friendly reminder of our principles. Expel misbehaving lifeforms exceptionally.

The CERT (Chaos Emergency Response Team) consists of trained doctors, medics, firefighters and crisis intervention specialists. It provides aid in all cases and emergencies requiring professional attention. The CERT will be there for sickness and injuries of all kinds but also to make sure the fire prevention and escape paths codes are observed.


The original text is to be found here[1].