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The Kidspace is meant to provide a space for kids and parents with their special needs. It is a permanent part of the Chaos Communication Congress since 2013.

But we still need parents, helpers and of course the kids to fill the provided space with life.


Duplo corner at Kidspace/31c3 (picture by @ploenne)



Bringing Toys always a good idea! But remember: We have kids up from 1 years old at the ground. So toys which can be sucked by babies shall not lay around unattended - same for the babies ;)

Usually people at the congress are much about that things do not get lost. If you'll still lose something you may have a good chance to find it at the lost & found (ask Static:Infodesk). Unfortunately, if things get broken we cannot compensate that.

Child Care

There won't be any professional child care at the Kidspace!

Parents are advised take care of their own kids and when possible have an eye on the others.

If parents would like to leave their kids alone they need to get in contact with others and self-organize for caring. A good way to get in contact is the mailing list (see below).

If kids are left unattended at the kidspace they shall have at least an easy to find paper card with their parents mobile or dect number on it, so that others can contact them in case of any complication. Also those kids should be able to contact their parents somehow whenever they like.


Mailing List

We have installed a mailing list for parents and helpers. Just send a mail to to become a member.


Fixed schedules will be listed here and we have a twitter account for live announcements. If you use twitter please follow @c3kidspace to get what's upcoming.


We recommend that you bring DECT phones for you and your kids (see eventphone)

To reach the Kidspace organisation team from build-up until tear-down you can simply dial K-I-D-S (5437).


Baby Corner

A silent corner to calm kids down or for breast feeding. There will also be a swaddling place.


SessionEvent TitleStartDurationLocation
TrickmischTrickmisch - Trickfilm Workshop27 December 2017 13:00:00240Kidspace
Chaos Macht Schule LötworkshopChaos Macht Schule Lötworkshop - Lötworkshop28 December 2017 10:00:00480Kidspace
TrickmischTrickmisch - Trickfilm Workshop28 December 2017 12:00:00240Kidspace
ThrowiesThrowies - Throwies Basteln28 December 2017 15:00:00120Kidspace
"Pen&Paper" Game Jam"Pen&Paper" Game Jam - Workshop29 December 2017 12:00:0060Kidspace
SiebdruckSiebdruck - Siebdruck für Kids29 December 2017 13:00:00120Kidspace
"Pen&Paper" Game Jam"Pen&Paper" Game Jam - Workshop29 December 2017 16:00:0060Kidspace
"Pen&Paper" Game Jam"Pen&Paper" Game Jam - Workshop30 December 2017 11:00:0060Kidspace



Ball bath

I can only show you the bath. YOU have to jump into it!


  • No shoes
  • No drinks
  • No food
  • No wires
  • Beware of the black hole at the bottom - it eats your stuff!
  • Please keep the balls within the bath - at least sometimes ;)


Kids Trolls

The idea behind the "kids trolls" is - in principle - to mesh up the younger kids with the older nerds (which might have also been kids, when they started with computers and electronics hacking) in areas elswhere at the Congress. The intution behind that is to get more attention from the nerds for the kids' needs and their integration.

There currently are several ideas of possible action:

Party Hijacking

The idea is to occupy the party because kids are usually not allowed to go there. Kids are also interested in what happens at the party area and so this is some kind of a gated community to kids. An example of a thinkable action in that way might be to organize a spontaneous kids party at the party location. In that example it would be nice to have a kid which has it's birthday within the event so that we can build an original kids birthday party.

Kids Demonstration

The idea behind the "kidspace demonstration" is to provide the kids with materials and tools for building banners like in a political demonstration and walk through the Congress as a group. The goal might not have to be some aggressive kind of "we need something" or "change something" or ...whatever. Instead it also could be just messages, like "tell me what you're doing" or "Please explain" or "Isn't that dangerous that way?" or something similar just to get into conversation with the older nerds. But at last the kids have to decide, what they want to stand for. Maybe it's good to make a flyer to inspire the kids to own there right to demonstrate - like getting part of a movement. Building banners could be done within the "Hall H" like a workshop.

There is no game for kids

The people from the "there is no game" project want to organize a track for kids which will also leed them arround the congress place.

More Information

What's missing?

see the Calendar at Room:Kidspace

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