Live Translation at 32C3 – Simultanübersetzung beim 32C3

A team of volunteer interpreters is providing simultaneous translations for talks. ALL THE TALKS are translated: German talks into English, and English talks into German. (We are not aware of talks held in other languages.) By “talks” we mainly mean the “lecture” events in the “Fahrplan” but also lightning talks, “quiz” events and possibly more.

→ en – translations into English

All German talks are translated into English. (See definition of “talk” above.)

→ de – Übersetzungen nach Deutsch

Alle englischen Talks werden übersetzt. (Siehe die Definition von „Talk“ oben.)


See details on the Streams page. Congress visitors using the internal DECT/GSM/SIP/ISDN phone system can go into the talks and listen to our translations through room-specific phone numbers. Otherwise you might be able to use the streams via the congress WiFi (audio-only streams please) or DVB-T. Translation streams (video or audio-only) are available to the outside world as well. Video recordings with translation audio will also be published.


Please upload your slides to the frab (Fahrplan) or send us your slides by e-mail so we can prepare a glossary. Thanks!


We welcome new volunteers; read our blog post for instructions. As we are (a particular kind of) angels, our meetings take place in Heaven in Saal 7, we have daily meetings there at 15:10 and 19:40.

If you use our translations, you are invited to contribute through feedback. And by that we don’t just mean praise; we’re particulary interested in suggestions where and how we can improve. Our main feedback channel is Twitter, the hash tag this year will be #c3t. We also have our own Twitter account, @c3lingo, and you can send email to c3translate at

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