If you are still looking for a ticket you can plead your case below and maybe find someone who has a spare one.
(There are NO Tickets left for sale! This is purely for swapping spare tickets between people)
Please don't offer more for a Ticket than the owner payed so poor people too have a chance.

You didn't get a ticket but already booked a Hotel/Hostel? You may be interested in HotelExchange.

Attention Attention: Ticket Fraud Attention
Do not buy tickets from unknown sources. There have been multiple reports of fraud. Only buy from people you personally know and trust.

Ticket offers

Name/Contact Amount Plead
florian@hackenberger.at 1 (Standard - 115.00 EUR) I'll send the tickets via email. I can't attend 34c3 for personal reasons :-( Will provide proof of my ID, if you like to.
tcatm@chaotikum.org 2 (Standard - 90.00 EUR, Supporter - 110.00 EUR) I'll sell each ticket for 90 EUR or 0.21 Bitcoin. Bitcoin preferred, SEPA accepted too. Tickets will be sent via email. I can't attend 32c3, but I may be able to arrange in-person exchange via friends.
daniel"at"flypps.de 1 Standard Can't attend 32c3 so I offer my ticket. Paypal only. Will give you a proof of course. Ticket will be sent via email.
psycorama 1 Supporter_110 Got sick and can't attend anymore. Could accept Paypal or may be able to arrange local meeting with people from my erfa.

Ticket requests

Name Contact Amount Plead
Randomyellow dorian@doma.io 1 EN: I missed the ticket sales :D, would buy a ticket with bitcoins ;).
Damonmccoy mccoy@nyu.edu 1 EN: I need one ticket. I'm willing to buy any type of ticket including business tickets and pay for prebooked hotel as well.
Wumpus "zweiunddreissig-ce-drei"+"@"+"online.de" 1 Was too late to get a all-day-ticket this year due to workload issues. Would be so glad to be able to spend my only free days in this year with a bunch of cool people. I'll offer free two-way transfer between hannover and hamburg and everything along the road within 150km radius for up to four people plus €300 for the ticket.
Mat mat@vmail.me 2 EN: Looking for two Tickets, pickup and pay in Hamburg + Free bottle of wine
CCJordan ticket@ccjordan.de 1 EN: Looking for a Ticket, hotel already booked, my friend are supplied with tickets, only I am left without.

DE: Ich suche noch nach einem Verpeilerticket, habe schon ein Hotel gebucht, meine Freunde sind alle versorgt, nur ich war zu spät dran.

Onkeloki ccc*at*markoluft.de 1 or 2


EN: what shell i say, i was to distracted to notice that the ticket sale already started. Its my fault. Xmas time is always stressful and on top my wife is pregnant. Looks like i got pregnancy dementia, too. We already have train tickets and a hotel room nearby.

UPDATE: Already got one, need a second one for my wife

DE: was soll ich sagen, bahn und hotel sind gebucht. Als ich mir so dachte. mal gucken ob es schon tickets gibt, (1 Tag nach Ausverkauf) war es zu spät. Neben der stressigen Weihnachtszeit schiebe ich diesen mentalen Aussetzer auf die ansteckende Schwangerschaftsdemenz meiner Frau. habt Gnade :D

UPDATE: Es geschehen noch Wunder! habe gerade eins bekommen. Bräuchte nun noch ein zweites für meine Frau.

hamboe*at*web.de 1 Verdammt ich war zu spät! Alle aus meiner WG haben Karten, sogar meine Nichte und ihr Freund aus Berlin, und ich würde sooo gerne mit ihnen hingehen! Bin seit Jahren dabei beim Kongress und liebe es einfach! Suche Standard oder Supporter-Ticket
President Barack Obama admin*at*barackobama.ninja 1 EN: UPDATE: I need one more ticket! I will pay €425. ¦̵̱ ̵̱ ̵̱ ̵̱ ̵̱(̢ ̡͇̅└͇̅┘͇̅ (▤8כ−◦
Stefan mtd42*at*emailn.de.denteilhiernichtmehr 1 EN:

+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+. + T I C K E T  ? + .+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

Hey there, oldschool scener looking for ONE ticket badly.. missed presale. Who can help me out? I already booked hotel & transportation long ago, can't cancel ... and can't miss congress *g Pls msg me, if you can help me out. Will be im Hamburg from afternoon 26.12. for exchange. Seller will get extra BOX OF CLUB MATE !!! ;) cya

Kitsune kitsune123*at*gmx.de 1 Hi! Ich melde hiermit untertänigst ebenfalls Bedarf an einem Ticket an! (Standard, Supporter 110 oder 130) Hab' vor dem Ausverkauf nicht rechtzeitig reagiert ... :-( Wer möchte oder kann nicht mehr hin? Mir geht es vor allem um die Atmosphäre vor Ort, die's im Stream nicht gibt. Wäre mein erster Besuch. Unsichere Tagestickets empfinde ich wegenlanger Anreise als zu riskant ... Ich würde als Bonus noch ein Snickers, alternativ Kekse draufpacken!!! OK, von mir aus auch beides ... Danke schon mal! :)
Cybersmurf cybermerc1337*at*gmail.com 2 EN: Hello, my name is cybersmurf. I went to SIGINT '12 and thoroughly enjoyed listening to "Shell Scripting from Hell" in German. My German is pretty bad so it was an unforgettable experience. Ever since I have wanted to go to a xxC3. This year I find myself in Germany again. I will pay a fair price for the tickets up to €250 each (€500 for x2). Please I plead, help me.
Ki HH Kowalski_Ki*at*gmx.de 1 EN: Hej, my Name is Konstantin and I am looking for a ticket for the congress. I'd love to get a standard ticket but would also love to pay for a supporter 130 ticket. I was just to busy doing work stuff so I was too late for ordering tickets for the congress. You could *really* make me happy by offering me a ticket you don't need.

DE: Hej, mein Name ist Konstantin und ich suche ein Ticket für den Congress. Ich hätte gerne ein Standard-Ticket, würde aber liebend gerne auch ein Supporter 130-Ticket bezahlen. Ich war einfach zu sehr mit der Arbeit beschäftigt und zu verpeilt bei der rechtzeitigen Ticketbestellung. Du könntest mir *wirklich* eine Riesenfreude machen, indem Du mir ein Ticket anbötest was Du doch nicht bräuchtest.

Toyb0mb toyb0mb@inbox.lv 1 EN: Didn't pay attention, I basically quit my job so I could spend the December in Hamburg with family and CCC and then forgot about buying the ticket. I'm obviously willing to pay more than the ticket cost. I can also offer some reversing and a spare bed and Hamburg information if needed.

DE: Bin offensichtlich auch einer der Verpeiler. Ich hab quasi meinen Job gekündigt um den Dezember mit Family und CCC in Hamburg zu verbringen und habe dann verpeilt das Ticket zu reservieren. Ich würde natürlich mehr als den Ticketpreis zahlen, ansonsten kann ich noch reversen, ein Bett auf dem Dachboden und Hamburg infos anbieten.

Rbino ticket-for-a-song@gmx.com 1 or 2 Hotel and travel already booked and payed, I just need one ticket. I can't offer you extra money (obviously I will give you what you paid for the ticket), but I can offer you a song written just for you. You choose the genre. If you happen to have one more ticket my friend also needs a ticket so I will write two songs for you!
Znpy drznpy@gmail.com or znpy on irc.hackint.org 1 Due to limited budget I had to buy plane tickets, accomodation and ticket separately. Missed the ticket presale :\ Offering 130€ + beers for you and your friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/mate, looking for a single ticket. Please help!
JonLowtek Jon.Lowtek(at)posteo.de 1 I made a mistake by not expecting the presale to just end with a 'sold out'. Everything else is booked and my companion has her ticket. Heave a heart, don't let me stand in the cold watching her dissapear in the crowd.
Chaos nerd42 trader0x143(at)gmail.com 1 I had planned to go to this years convention for a long time, had a total blast last year! Both hotel and plane is ready, but I missed the presale by one day. If anybody has a ticket but is prevented from attending or simply has a spare ticket, I'd be VERY greatful if I can buy it, very bummed out about missing the sale! Had no idea it would sell out that fast. Will donate to a charitable cause in your name and buy you beers @ the convention as a thank you if you desire so. We can agree on a price :) Have been looking forward to the convention and meeting so many great people for a long time. Christmas without CCC is not the same. Have not given up trying to attend yet :)
Stark stark@mit.edu 1 Booked travel and accomodation already. First time going to CCC :(. Would match ticket price with donation to charity of your choice?
Kraeuterzucker kraeuterzucker32C3@gmx.de or @kraeuterzucker on twitter 1 Due to the chaosmentor program, I finally had the heart to come to Congress, even I don't know enough about technical issues, discussed there. But despite my fear, I met wonderful people, who treated me like I was part of the family. I wish so much so see these guys again, contribute my angel duties and be a chaos mentor myself, to contribute to this community.

If wanted, I will invite you and your friends to one of the best bar in Hamburg, where they are very hacker friendly and serve amazing drinks.

Enki enki@fsck.pl or enki on #32c3. 1 Missed the presale by 3 days... much sad. Didn't expect the tickets to run out this quickly. This would have been my first Congress and it still may be if you're willing to help :). Apart from the ticket price you will be entitled to receiving a beverage of your choice. Thnx in advance!
Apfelfabrik apfelfabrik@posteo.net or @apfelfabrik on twitter. 2 Couple missed ticket presale, hotel and travel already booked. Will take one or two tickets matching whatever you paid for them.
Flauski flausch28@gmx.de or #32c3 Flauski 1-3 There is not much to say. We are the NetzAK-Tübingen and would like to come. Sadly german bureaucracy took too long and we did not get our ok for the money to get the tickets in time. At the congress you will most likely meet our atending members at the assembly studentennetze. Membertickets and everything up to the even better feeling is fine with us. Thx in advance!
Gordin xmpp: gordin@gord.in twitter: @g0rdin email: 9ordin@gmail.com 2 I was expecting to be able to buy tickts at the 32C3 like last years and now they are sold out, simple as that. Beverages of your choosing are on me if I get to buy the tickets.
Raboof ccc@bzzt.net 2 If anyone has 2 spare tickets I can offer a ride for 2 to and from the conference from the Netherlands or any place roughly along the way (Osnabrueck, Bremen, Hannover, Muenster, ...)
Aurel aurel or aurel_ on #32c3 on irc.hackint or aurel(dot)w(klammeraffe_aka_at)gmail<dot>com 1 I would very much apreciate it. I took a two year brake from going to congress and looked very much forward to going this year.
Pstyl @parimalsatyal or parimal<at>neustadt<point>fr 1 Like many others here, also have my flights booked. This would be my first time at 3C. I'd say why I deserve this ticket more than others but really we're probably all in the same boat. Hmm, maybe I should mention I originally come from Nepal (but I'm not flying from there!). Do let me know if you have a spare ticket. Beer's on me at 3C!
JanLo losinski@wh2.tu-dresden.de or janLo at #32c3 on hackint 1 We really need a Ticket for our Friend from Hambrug. She wasn't able to afford a Ticket until it was too late and it would be a much sadder conference without her.
Henk henk@waag.org 3 We were too late, but still want to come! We are bringing a lorawan gateway and some stuff to build nodes (IoT low battery usage, long range and low bandwidth using RF spread spectrum modulation on 868 MHz band (for Europe)).

See The Things Network And read the manifesto:

"Everything that carries power will be connected to Internet eventually.

Controlling the network that makes this possible means controlling the world. We believe that this power should not be restricted to a few people, companies or nations. Instead this should be distributed over as many people as possible without the possibility to be taken away by anyone. We therefore founded "The Things Network".

The Things Network is an open source, free initiative with the following properties: more"

/usr/local @7usr7local, 32c3(a)usr-local.org 1-2 It was going to be my first time visit, waiting for people to join me and not knowing the number was limited ... It will be my first time visit - good friends made the miracle happen
Native e-King kev@no-log.org / NeK on irc://irc.hackint.org/#chaos-angel 1 Hotel is already booked from 22/12 to 02/01 for I plan to be an Angel this year…
Gripschi gripschi@gmail.com 1 I had planed to go to the Congress with Friends but forgot to buy a Ticket in Time. The Room is already booked in Hamburg and i hope to drive togehter with my Friends. After the last Congress i would like to see the 32C3 too.
Albert 32c3@flo.fourcot.fr or Albert on #32c3 2 The same story as many other: we have travel tickets, we booked a place to stay in Hamburg, but we forget to buy CCC tickets in time (and we can cancel nothing). When by luck, you have tickets that you don't need anymore, you can make two people very happy.
Ealanrian Erik@jansman.eu 1 Had to wait for wages to be on my bankaccount so was to late to buy in presale. I want to participate as an angel but at the moment that seems to be not possible
Jglauche webmaster@joaz.de or jglauche on irc (freenode, hackint) 1 I am suffering from money and depression issues. My plan was to get out of home after Christmas for some good time, to meet and hug a lot of friends that I know are coming. The thought of staying at home alone makes me very anxious. I am willing to trade my Rad1o for a ticket.
Maxx23 maxx@spaceboyz.net (jabber/mail) or MaxX in hackint (#32c3, #spaceboyz, #dn42, ...) 1-4 We're a bunch of people visiting the Congress every year. A place to stay is already booked (and not cheap :/) but everybody was too late to buy tickets. Additionally one of the guys and myself would like to do a workshop on Gnuradio which might be of interest to many people since the camp this year. Any number of tickets will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Leroy ccc(at)merian.norma.uberspace.de 1 Suche für einen guten Freund ein Ticket, welcher mich gerne begleiten würde. Er hat es verpeilt, ein Ticket rechtzeig zu reservieren und ärgert sich sehr darüber. Deal?
Trottelreiner trottelreiner77@gmx.de 1 Well, same story as many, thought the bad old Berlin days were gone and was somewhat occupied in late November/early December. And now...
Max max-ccc-2015@web.de 1 My friend told me to hurry up. Flight and hotel is already booked. And i cannot miss it... nope - so for for not spoiling prices, I suggest a nice beer or two or XXL coffee.
Emarkus markus ät eserver dot homelinux dotorg 4+2 Suche vier Tickets und zwei ermäßigte Tickets oder einfach nur sechs Tickets.
Sjaan extragratis at gmail dot com 1 Like many people I am also looking for a ticket and would love to visit again like last year. I did not know this huge venue sold out and that would only happen in Berlin...
Alleyway allrex at aries dot uberspace dot de 1 Simply forgot to buy my ticket early this year as I was unsure first whether to go to the c3. Looking forward to meet many friends there and enjoy the congress, but well, let's see how that works out.
Nixodas nico.poier1995+32c3@gmail.com 1 So, I somewhat screwed up. My girlfriend already bought a ticket and I came too late to buy one. We already booked a hotel and travel. I'd be willing to pay double the price for a standard ticket (I sadly can't offer more as a student). I know there are better offers but I really hope someone might be kind enough to help me out here. Thank you.
Tamtu petr.no+32c3@gmail.com 1 Did not expect the tickets to be sold out so quickly :( I can pay 250eur for the ticket.
Crudo crudo at gmx.us 1 There aren't words to describe how careless I have been. I'm a 19 years old computer engineering student from Italy and I lost my chance to buy a ticket for the Congress postponing it while I was in rush for exams. I have already booked my flight and the hostel with other people from a local hackerspace and I can't cancel them anymore. If you have got a spare ticket please contact me via email or over IRC at HackInt (you'll find me with the nick crudo).
Ep e.p@centrum.cz 1 I didn't expect such demand and waited too long. Never even been to CCC before and was really looking forward to it. Please help if you can.
Snoack sebastian.noack@gmail.com 1 It's probably my fault. But I just have been quite busy the past weeks. And when I learned that registration did already open, it was already sold out. I didn't expect the congress to sell out. So I already booked flights and hotel already months ago. I'd really appreciate if somebody has a spare ticket for me.
Julio juliocesarfort@gmail.com 1 Already have flights and accommodation sorted but for whatever reason beyond my explanation I forgot to buy my ticket for the congress. If you have a spare ticket, please let me know. Willing to pay up to 150 EUR.
Pulsar eduard_friske@gmx.de 1 or 3 EN: Well, I screwed up, and now a good friend cannot go to the congress; it was supposed to be her birthday present. If we only get 1 ticket, she will receive it, but of course 2 more for myself and my girlfriend would be greatly appreciated. And of course the hotel is already booked and cannot be cancelled. Tickets with extra good feeling encluded are fine.

DE: Habe es verpeilt, mich rechtzeitig um die Tickets zu kümmern, einschließlich ein Ticket das als Geburtstagsgeschenk einer guten Freundin gedacht war. Wenn wir nur ein Ticket bekommen ist es ihres. Sollten es tatsächlich noch zwei mehr werden sind meine Freundin und ich der guten Seele unendlich dankber. Übernachtungen und die ganze Organisation um den Jahreswechsel ist natürlich schon festgezurrt ... Wir freuen uns natürlich auch über Sponsorentickets.

Colamann benjamin.munsch@preis24.de 1 EN: Booked travel and accomodation for the congress, but forgot to book the actual event. Can match any business ticket price and also offer an additional bribe with beer and / or cake.

DE: Habe zwar meine Zugfahrt und das Hotel gebucht, aber das eigentliche Ticket für den Kongreß vergessen. Kann jede Variante vom Businessticket bezahlen und zusätzlich Bier und / oder Kuchen als Bestechung anbieten.

Schoenemann lutz.schoenemann *at* gmail.com 1 EN: Same story different fool. I'm looking for a ticket up to "Supporter 130".

DE: Gleiche Geschichte anderer Trottel. Ich suche ein Ticket bis Kategorie "Supporter 130".

Justa cbestel@sociallife.org 1 EN:Been going to congress since 25C3; never expected Hamburg to run into space/ticket issues so soon after *FINALLY* moving from the Berlin location. My girlfriend and me go every year, we met at CCC and have been together since then. This year, both of us have missed out on a ticket. Luckily, she has managed to find one already; but I am stuck without. I normally also am main transport-mode for our hackerspace; would like to be that again this year. I can afford up to Business Silver.
Steffen234 steffen.adac@gmail.com 1 EN: My girlfried finally decided to join me at this congress, and now it is up to me to get her a ticket. I would be glad if you can help me at this.

DE: Meine Freundin hat sich entschieden, mich dieses Mal auf den Kongress zu begleiten, und nun ist es meine Aufgabe ihr ein Ticket zu organisieren. Es wäre klasse, wenn du mir dabei helfen kannst.

Vista vista+32c3@crysys*dot*hu or sitting on IRC @ #32c3 1 EN: Would/will be my first visit to a c3 (and to Germany!); made the mistake of not anticipating the tickets selling like hotcakes. I will try to get daily tickets, but I have been told that they will be very hard to get. Can pay up to Supporter 110. Train tickets bought and hotel already reserved, so Hamburg sightseeing tips are welcome as well.

DE: Ich spreche kein Deutsch aber ich möchte zum c3 gehen. Bitte helfen! Ich kann bis Supporter 110 bezahlen.

SZip ccc@schucht.eu 1 EN: Serching for a ticket up to business.

DE: Suche Ticket bis Business.

Retani ho.he.32c3@freenet.de 1 to 2 EN: Looking for a ticket up to 130EUR. I was too late, because I was travelling. I would also like to install a project of collaborative poem editing.

DE: Ticket bis 130EUR gesucht. War zu Spät am Ticketschalter, weil ich auf Reisen war. Ich würde dann auch gerne ein Projekt ausstellen, bei dem es ums gemeinsame Verändern bekannter Gedichte geht.

Tokaytowers void1@schupppi.de 1 Ticket, 200 Euro
Cybergato cybergato@hushmail.com 1 EN: took too long to buy. please help. i am willing to pay up to 130EUR. As additional thank you can promote your event, project, or cause in New York City.
CathyG cathyg@cathygellis.com 1 EN: I presumed I could buy the tickets onsite like I did the last two years. Oops. Already have plane ticket from California and the hotel, just need this one little missing piece :-) I am arriving in Hamburg on the 26th and could do an exchange then, if necessary (or Frankfurt or Darmstadt on the 25th).
Codewing frieder.b@hotmail.de 1 to EN: Looking for one ticket for up to 130€. I've been there last year and I learned so much so I'd love to go once again. :)

DE: Auf der Suche nach einem Ticket für bis zu 130€. Bin letztes Jahr auch dort gewesen, habe viel gelernt und würde deshalb gerne noch einmal gehen :)

Leonh leonh@ndreke.de 2 EN: Looking for two Tickets, max. 150€ each. Can pick them up (and give you cash) in and around Munich.

DE: Such zwei Tickets, max. 150€ je Ticket. Kann in und um München abholen.

Timbodeit 32c3@timbodeit.de 1 or 2 Looking for one or two Standard or Supporter Tickets. Could pick up near Frankfurt or Hamburg.