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The Kidspace is meant to provide a space for kids and parents with their special needs. It is a permanent part of the Chaos Communication Congress since 2013. First in the form of an assembly but since 2015 it's an official part of the event.

But we still need parents, helpers and of course the kids to fill the provided space with life.


Duplo corner at Kidspace/31c3 (picture by @ploenne)

The Kidspace will be placed at the foyer "ZF1" at the 3rd level in front of hall 1 (see this old figure from 29c3).


Bringing Toys always a good idea! But remember: We have kids up from 1 years old at the ground. So toys which can be sucked by babies shall not lay around unattended - same for the babies ;)

Usually people at the congress are much about that things do not get lost. If you'll still lose something you may have a good chance to find it at the lost & found (ask infodesk). Unfortunately, if things get broken we cannot compensate that.

Child Care

There won't be any professional child care at the Kidspace!

Parents are advised to care about their own kids and when possible have an eye on the others.

If parents would like to leave their kids alone they need to get in contact with others and self-organize for caring. A good way to get in contact is the mailing list (see above).

If kids are left unattended at the kidspace they shall have at least an easy to find paper card with their parents mobile or dect number on it, so that others can contact them in case of any complication. Also those kids should be able to contact their parents somehow whenever they like.


Mailing List

We have installed a mailing list for parents and helpers. Just send a mail to to become a member.


Fixed schedules will be listed here and we have a twitter account for live announcements. If you use twitter please follow @c3kidspace to get what's upcoming.


We recommend that you bring DECT phones for you and your kids (see eventphone)

To reach the Kidspace organisation team from build-up until tear-down you can simply dial K-I-D-S (5437).


There will be a special wristband for Kids <12y this year again and it's limited so you should register to be safe that you get one. Please write a mail to with subject "wristband", the number of attending kids, their ages and names (if you like).

Please read @c3kidspace at twitter because we will announce the times where you can get your registered wristbands at the Kidspace near the ball bath. If you cannot read twitter or we miss us please call K-I-D-S with DECT to contact us.


Baby Corner

A silent corner to calm kids down or for breast feeding. There will also be a swaddling place.


Silk-Screen Printing

Please bring your own t-shirts to print them at this workshop.

Robots with Pi2Go

Pi2Go Workshop Robot (photo Peggy)
Kids love robots, and we love kids and robots, so we regularly give

workshops in Berlin to bring both together. In our workshop the children learn to understand and program in python and the interaction between code and hardware.

At the 32c3 children have the opportunity to come by and get an introduction into the Raspberry, especially when stacked upon the Pi2Go, which enables it to drive around. The children can try different values for the servo motors, write a few lines of code, and at the end of the 1-hour-course they will be able to teach the Raspberry Pi2Go to follow a line by finding its way using two, or even only one, sensor.

More Information: or follow us on twitter: @pex_labs

Dear parents, children, everybody, your children can come to meet our robots on dec. 28th at 4p.m. close by the ballbath.

We are looking forward to meeting you :)

Nin and Peggy

Build your own pixelgrid

If you want to pixelate your screen or need light seperation for your arduino based rgb led project, I can show you how to build a simple pixelgrid. It's pretty cheap and easy to make. Take home your own little pixelgrid.


Boulder site

There will be a small and easy boulder site for kids this year. So may be you bring some useful shoes for your kids.

Ball bath

Foto @alech [1]

I can only show you the bath. YOU have to jump into it!


  • No shoes
  • No drinks
  • No food
  • No wires
  • Beware of the black hole at the bottom - it eats your stuff!
  • Please keep the balls within the bath - at least sometimes ;)

AR Sandbox

AR Sanbox at 31c3 (photo under CC0 licence) [2]

Some may have missed it last year, but the AR Sandbox will be available again this year.

Dance Dance Revolution

(more information pending)

Sound Pong

Use the sound intensity of your voice to play pong, the first video game of the world.

The game idea goes back to the "Telespiele" TV show of Thomas Gottschalk from 1977 to 1981, the follow-up show of the "Montagsmaler". Two Groups of spectators battled against each other by using collective intelligence.

Try with two groups or own your own, have fun!

contact: @pegx_,


Pixln is a collection of projects around experiencing, making, hunting, and having fun with pixels for children and educators.

At the kidspace you can find:

Interactive Pixelscreens

Interactive pixelscreens at 31c3.

A grid of squares. As you walk past, something is moving. Can you figure out how it works?


Bixel installation.

A long sign made of foldable boxes. Some are lit up. Was does it say?

Audio Drama Box

A place where Kids can start several audio dramas with there wristbands. Every kid will start a different one so they have to coordinate and deal with each other.

More Information

What's missing?

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