The 32C3 Event SIM Card

A GSM network is operated at the 32C3 event in order to test the open source GSM network elements developed as part of the Osmocom OpenBSC project.

In order to participate in testing the network, we provide 32C3 SIM Cards.

The Card is a combined SIM + USIM, i.e. it is capable of behaving both according to the classic GSM SIM profile as well as the UMTS/3G USIM profile. It also is a Java SIM Card, so it can actually run Java Cardlets inside, and you can use it in order to develop SIM Toolkit applications.

Important: You do not need to obtain a 32C3 SIM card, but you can also use any of the SIM cards issued at previous GSM test networks at CCC events all the way back to 2008.

How toget a SIM Card

Pleaes contact the POC to obtain a SIM card. They are friendly enough to take care of distribution, so the GSM crew can focus on network operations.


Front Side


Back Side


Java Card / SIM Toolkit

The 32C3 event card is a Java Card. We will document / reference some open source tools that you can use to program SIM Toolkit applications with it. Stay tuned.

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