Description The Watchtower Advanced Threat Countermeasure Utility Nextgeneration Tower

We aim to provide perfect security for you and your friends. The watchtower is equipped with sophisticated self-monitoring surveillance systems, highly visible as a deterrent and serves as a symbol of freedom throughout the congress. The Watchtower is there for you.

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The Watchtower Advanced Threat Countermeasure Utility Nextgeneration Tower

The Watchtower provides high-end physical and cybersecurity through a mix of time-tested structural engineering features mixed with next-gen advanced surveillance systems. Self-controlling CCTV, a modern communication system and a networked SecLight™ as well as cyber-activated high-intensity safety algorhythms enable The Watchtower to make sure nothing untoward happens to your gated community. The Watchtower serves as a widely visible physical deterrent to potential threats, doubles as a navigational beacon, time-keeping device, communications uplink and high-volume data processing system. Upgrades with further Modular Defense Systems are possible, please contact your local Certified Watchtower Operator on dect #TOWR for more detailed information or come by to hand-deliver your personal surveillance device to the Watchtower for safe and well protected storage. The Watchtower is there for you!
Preliminary design drawing

The Watchtower™ will integrate the legacy Seidenstrasse Network with a blast proof threat filter, has outbound phoning capabilities directly to CERT and analog fallback with backup power. It provides hard points for ham radio antennae, high voltage power lines and DECT uplink.

The Watchtower™'s lower story provides shelter and storage room for emergency rations and survival gear.

The Watchtower Interactive

Operate the networked SecLight™ from the safety of your gated community! The Watchtower's interactive embedded architecture will make controlling the cybersecurity systems as easy as 1-2-3! Integrate the systems into your smart home with the secure API provided by The Watchtower.

You can easily add your own surveillance systems to the self-monitoring CCTV, demonstrating the networkeability of The Watchtower's interactive cybersecurity systems. Our Operatives will integrate your existing webcam / IPcam into The Watchtower, providing your own view of the Watchtower for added security of yourself and others. Any ethernet or wi-fi IPcam can be mounted as well as USB webcams.

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