Contact email:

phone before the congress: +49-4644-973171

phone at the congress: 9101 (+49-40-231889-9101)

Description As every year, we provide outside telephone connectivity for the congress. Also we provide helpdesk for telephone questions. Beside that we show vintage telecommunications systems and terminals and systems. And you can bluebox!
Members Jolly, Tolot
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Tags isdn, blueboxing, bluebox, amiga, c64, phreaking, teletypewriter, fernschreiber
Registered on 12 November 2015 07:57:27
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Brings first teletypewriter

second teletypewriter Commodore Amiga with bluebox software Commodore SX-64 with bluebox software Signalling System No. 5 Emulator various vintage Phone equipment coffee maker chocolate Muschi-Bildschirm

Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 6
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification want sit public, want bright light, want taking pictures allowed, special requirements network, special requirements power
Planning notes One of our teletypewriters blew a fuse last year. This may happen again! In order to continue, we need to know location of the fuse box to restore power more quickly.
past congress review

Providing external telephony connection

This year we have ISDN line (Primary Rate) connecting the congress. Please visit the Linux-Call-Router page for more information about dialing and beeing dialed!

Location and Seats

We like to be located close to the PoC, in order to simplify communication with the PoC and to manage GSM helpdesk togeter. This requires 6 seats. Further, we will bring two teletypewriters to send SMS and communicate with each other. The machines require about 3 meters of additional table space.

At 31c3 we had a perfect location. As before, it was organized to our full satisfaction.

Special things this year

Hands on blueboxing

We will set up an emulation of the Signalling System #5 exchange. We will have some bluebox equipment and play with and hack our exchange to make free international calls, as it had been done back in the 90's and even earlier. HACK THE PLANET!

Try it out and feel how we felt back then.

From outside the congress: Dial +49-40-231889-9108 and talk to us. Then use your bluebox. Try KP1-0-areacode-number-ST to connect you to any German number for free. Try KP2-countrycode-areacode-number-ST to connect to any number in the world.

For best results, try to break with 2600+2400 with 150ms duration, then 200ms pause, then 2400 with 100ms duration. (beep-beep)

(Sorry, we didn't make it last year.)

Interoperability test with OpenBSC

An interface allows Linux-Call-Router to use OpenBSC and a Base Stations to build a GSM network with access to ISDN/DECT phones and the public fixed network. We like to test and improve stability of both GSM and Linux-Call-Router, as we did over the last years.

Teletypewriter Osmocom-BB (BTS)

We will set up a teletypewriter again to send and received SMS.

We use a special interface to connect a teletypewriter to a PC via USB. The SMS is transfered via open source software OsmocomBB, an open source baseband GSM stack. This software is available at Osmocom website.

Touching is desirable! (Except for electrical/mechanical parts inside the machines.)