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Description We do crazy stuff with physics. We follow the BSM-SG model, developed by Dr. Stoyan Sarg to save the planet and/or humanity.
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Self-organized session notes - getting the BSM-SG model right, beginners course

- matter crystallization and whats inside a "black hole" - how to build a FTL space craft & advanced propulsion techniques - planning of roadmaps

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We are a non profit organization that follows a paradigm in physics called BSM-SG (Basic Structures of Matter - Supergravitation Unified Theory), developed by Dr. Stoyan Sarg.

Theoretical Physicists try to tell everybody how strange the quantum world is, yet, they still can't even agree on a common interpretation, nor is the model they present in agreement with all the facts we have gathered. Other theories like the Big-Bang, require so many free variables to fit the data, that their predictive value became zero, apart form the many observed phenomena that can't be explained at all.

Under this new perspective, we develop open source technologies to hopefully stop the destructive course we have taken as humanity and save the planet.

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