Description Hackerethics 101: You can create art and beauty with a computer.
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Tags art, cgi, clocks, blinkenlights
Registered on 16 November 2015 20:49:58
Location for self-organized sessions maybe
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Brings 18x12 teraangstrom proofs of computer assisted art. Possibly a 4k display for the rest of the renderwahn. The blinding 150piece NEOpixel strip(s).

Some neopixel iconizers (16x16 and 24x24) displaying your favorite heroes. The Vorratsdaten-cans, if the booth is in the same place as last year, there will be a contest to throw them down with a tennisball. The current drone project(s) and other stuff. And a lot of CCC history talks :-)

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Planning notes The same spot as last year, please, that is perfect as it closes a gap between the wardrobe/digitalcourage area and the hackcenter.

And it is both quite and frequented :-)

Please provide some extra spotlights like last year, for extra emphasis :-) It's a biz too darke there for the other proofs. 2 desks appreciated, also like last year...

past congress review

Same procedure as last year. Almost. Maybe. Well, maybe not. Hopefully a 4k display for the Renderwahn. Even more blinding BLINKENLIGHTS. Disturbing and disturbed clocks and other unusual projects, completed and in progress. Same place as last year preferred, that place is both a gate and a nomansland at the same time (i.E. perfect)- And I promise to hang the 180X120 proofs as high as possible :-).